"Humorless prig" is redundant

Is humor redemptive? Or, put another way, is not allowing oneself to have a sense of humor a sin? I think it can be. Or, rather, I think it can be the consequence of sin. Joylessness often is. What brings this up was a recent alert — I mean, ALERT!1! — that popped up on [Read More...]

Jackie at the crossroads

So you're sitting around with a group of friends talking, the conversation skipping cheerfully from one topic to another, turning eventually, somehow, to a discussion of the best and worst public restrooms you've each encountered. Your friend Jackie says that she is terrified of the bathrooms at the airport. Because of the spiders. Most of [Read More...]

‘The politics of envy’

JB: Let the one who has two tunics share with the one who has none. RWT: That's what I'm talking about! That's the politics of envy. JB: I don't see what envy has – RWT: I've got two tunics and you've just got one and now you envy me! JB: I used to have two [Read More...]

The Clod and the Pebble and the politics of resentment

"Blessed is anyone who takes no offense" — Luke 7:23 Here is a story from Sunday's paper that will make some people happy and some people unhappy. That's not quite it. What I mean to say is that it will be a source of happiness for happy people and a source of further unhappiness for [Read More...]

Scissors for Hitler

STEP ONE: Someone claims to be deeply offended that members of some minority are being treated just like members of the majority are. Equality under the law is portrayed as an attack on the majority, an insult and an affront to their way of life. Left-handed children need to assimilate. Our schools are bending over [Read More...]

L’affaire Waltke

This is a story about control. It is about, in the unintentionally candid terms of one of the main actors, “absolute authority” and the desire to wield that authority over a text so that the text, in turn, may be used to wield absolute authority over others. It is a story, in other words, about mortals who covet the [Read More...]

Vincible GooFiness

So we're not quite done yet with the GooFi videos. These "exposés" of alleged Satanism in rock & roll are full of stupid, unbelievable assertions. This, sadly, makes them relevant for considering what has become one of the most urgent political issues of our time — the widespread embrace of stupid, unbelievable claims. The GooFi [Read More...]

Charity, conclusions and cake

In discussing those I have been describing as members of the Cult of Offendedness and addicts of a counterfeit moral superiority, I do not want to presume that they are acting in bad faith. They are acting in bad faith, but that's not my presumption, it's my conclusion. I am not attributing malice to them, [Read More...]