Liars for Jesus are the dungeon masters of the fantasy role-playing game of white evangelicalism


Ergun Caner got canned by Liberty University, where he was dean of the seminary, when it turned out that his claim to fame — being a former Jihadi zealot and an expert on Islam — wasn’t true. But while Caner was a bad liar, but a fun Dungeon Master, so he was quickly re-hired — as president of the Southern-Baptist affiliated Brewton-Parker College in Georgia. He wasn’t hired in spite of his troubles with the truth, but because of them. [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll cannot escape the shame of his willingness to associate with Janet Mefferd

Hates Muslims. Hates gays. Tells lies about them. None of that is good.

Let’s stop treating Janet Mefferd like she’s some kind of good, honest journalist for calling out Mark Driscoll’s plagiarism. She makes a living telling vicious, venomous lies about LGBT people and about Muslims. She hates those people and thinks that hate justifies her lies about them. That doesn’t make her a journalist, or honest, or good. [Read more...]

Neo-Bircher apocalyptic politics harms the people who embrace it


Tim LaHaye’s major “contribution” to dispensationalist ideology was his grafting in of old John Birch Society legends, simply replacing their dishonest paranoia about a Communist one-world government with fears of an Antichrist one-world government instead. This is the main difference between the tea party of the 21st century and the Birchers of the 1950s and ’60s. [Read more...]

50 years later, the ‘Fright-peddlers’ are still peddling fright


“I speak of another danger we confront, not as dread or as foreboding, but equally offensive and evil to all reasonable, rational, free American citizens. It is the danger of hate and venom, of slander and abuse, generated by fear and heaped indiscriminately upon many great Americans by another relative handful of zealots, in the ranks or clutches of self-styled ‘I am a better American than you are’ organizations.” [Read more...]

Red Dawn delusions and an unmet longing for real community


But not-so-deep-down, they have to know it’s just a game. It’s just pretend. I don’t just mean a dim nagging at the edge of their self-awareness, I mean a pervasive, constant, gnawing ache. And the harder they play the game the more it backfires, highlighting the vast gulf between the pretend-self and the actual, unavoidable self. [Read more...]

Rep. Paul Wieland of Missouri is lying

There's a difference between a person of conscience and a person who will do and say anything to pretend to be a person of conscience.

Wieland claims that his conscience is grievously mortified because of X. This isn’t a lie because X happens not to be real. This is a lie because Wieland doesn’t care whether or not X is real. If he really believed what he claims to believe, he would have to be very interested in that. If his conscience were truly involved in this, then that conscience would compel him, require him, force him to go and examine the evidence that he is steadfastly, actively refusing to look at. [Read more...]

When you meet someone who’s been told they don’t matter, give them a chance to matter


To be honest, in my case, it’s not always accurate. I often look for any chance I can find to escape from people like those Beck describes, to avoid having to listen to their stories, which tend to be frustratingly long and time-consuming, and I haven’t got a lot of time to spare. I have other things I have to do — important things, things that matter, and … Uh-oh. [Read more...]

Religious right will hold breath, turn blue, if DOMA overturned


“We will not stand by,” the statement harrumphs. But, actually, yes, yes they will. Standing by is exactly what they will do because that is all they can do. This doesn’t affect them. It doesn’t harm them. It doesn’t compel them to do anything. It doesn’t compel them not to do anything. All they can possibly mean by “We will not stand by” is that “We will assume a posture of extreme indignation and offendedness while standing by.” [Read more...]