Candy canes and the manufacture of evangelical resentment


It’s late June, but candy canes are in the news. The U.S. Supreme Court last week let stand a lower appeals court ruling in the “Christian candy cane” case. That’s the nickname given to Morgan v. Swanson, a case involving the Plano Independent School District and the parents of a child instructed to proselytize his [Read More...]

Mutuality Week and the burden of proof

I go to check out at the library and the library clerk asks to see my card. Fair demand. Am I or am I not a member in good standing entitled to check out these books? Here we have a controversy, a dispute, an unsettled question in need of settling. The clerk has asked a [Read More...]

I couldn’t read Tozer because I didn’t find him funny

Andi Cumbo lists five reasons that trying to read A.W. Tozer makes her grumpy. These are five good reasons. And they overlap. The literalism, arrogance and lack of empathy all feed into one another and reinforce one another. Cumbo writes that she has “tried for years” to read Tozer, and that she remains hopeful that [Read More...]

David Barton says things that are not true

“Who is David Barton?” CNN’s Dan Gilgoff asks. And then Gilgoff refuses to answer his own question. Instead, Gilgoff retreats into a wretched, flaccid display of false-equivalence, view-from-nowhere, opinions-on-the-shape-of-earth-differ non-journalism. “Barton’s work has drawn many critics,” Gilgoff writes, in lieu of actual journalism. That’s a remarkable sentence. It’s like saying, “Bernie Madoff’s investment skills have [Read More...]

Standing up to bullies is offensive, but legal discrimination is not?

So it seems a student journalism group invited Dan Savage to speak and then was shocked … shocked! … when Dan Savage showed up and spoke like Dan Savage. The advice columnist and “It Gets Better” video pioneer didn’t say anything new or unusual or unexpected, and nothing he hasn’t said before in more prominent [Read More...]

Rick Santorum and the Anti Kitten-Burning Coalition

Burning kittens is wrong. It is cruel, it is illegal and it is, quite simply, evil. No one should burn kittens. I am, unambiguously and without qualification, opposed to burning kittens. I am also confident that you are opposed to this too. And that latter point is why I cannot join the Anti Kitten-Burning Coalition. [Read More...]

Being a culture-warrior must be exhausting

Ellen DeGeneres is very funny. She’s also endearingly self-deprecating, kind, honest and just sort of all-around adorable. Hiring her as a spokesperson is thus a smart move for JCPenney. And trying to whip up a culture-war tempest over that hiring is a really, really dumb move for the American Family Association. I’ll link to the [Read More...]

Congress cuts LIHEAP — because giving billions to the rich is no fun unless you also get to screw the poor

Susie Madrak notes that the shutdown deal in Congress cuts winter heating aid for low-income families. I used to be confused as to why LIHEAP was always among the first programs on the chopping block when states or the federal government wanted to cut the budget. LIHEAP, the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, helps low-income [Read More...]