No offense

The problem with taking offense is that it’s impotent and indulgent. It may feel good, but it doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t matter. Offendedness is a pale, watery substitute for anger. Anger, that beautiful daughter of hope, demands action. Anger changes things. It seeks to correct the injustice that offendedness merely wants to savor. Anger [Read More...]

Pity for the pitiless

To be pitiless, surely, is bad. We don’t speak of someone as “pitiless” if we’re trying to express admiration for them. “Pitilessness” is never something we extol as a virtue. The only time being “pitiless” is ever described as a positive trait is in the context of sports, where we sometimes use words for otherwise [Read More...]

Seven things that are not 'ironic'

1. A hot day in Texas in July 2. Scorpions that sting 3. A black fly in your Chardonnay 4. Rain on your wedding day 5. A traffic jam when you’re already late 6. The good advice that you just didn’t take 7. People trapped in the addictive delusion of thinking they’re better than everyone [Read More...]

The IndigNation, defending bullies and the martyr Sally Kern

I have a theory that the central motivation for much of American politics is a manufactured indignation. This indignation is stoked by the habitual taking of offense, whether or not such offense is actually there to be taken. The cultivation of such offendedness serves two emotional needs: 1) It’s exciting for those whose lives are [Read More...]

The fans might hate the movie

The good news for any filmmaker planning to do a Civil War movie is that you can tap into a pre-existing fan-base of enthusiastic Civil War buffs who are sure to generate plenty of buzz for the project. The bad news is that this same fan-base might just kill your movie if you don’t get [Read More...]

Opposing the 'climate-change' conspiracy — what can we do?

The conspiracy promoting the lies of “climate-change” theory, as we have seen, is not just the work of a handful of dishonest scientists or of just a few bad actors promoting their fraudulent data to promote global socialism. It is a vast network that encompasses the globe and infiltrates nearly every aspect of our lives. [Read More...]

The full scope of the 'climate-change' conspiracy

It can’t just be a few “bad apples.” If that were the case, if it were simply the work of a handful of bad actors, those dishonest renegades would quickly have been called to account by their peers. They would have been exposed as frauds and been punished, expelled from the academy. That didn’t happen. [Read More...]

Resenting the poor (cont'd.)

Ed Kilgore notes that a vicious resentment of the working poor is fast becoming the central organizing principle for America’s right wing: The transformation is widely observable across the conservative landscape, with Republican fiscal proposals in the states and in Washington going after a host of other key support systems for the working poor with [Read More...]