Post profile of Joe Wilson

Richard Leiby's profile in tomorrow's Washington Post is going to make it harder for his critics to continue their smear campaign: His fingers threaded a string of ornate black worry beads, common in the Arab world. They're from his days in Baghdad, where he was acting U.S. ambassador. In 1990, while sheltering more than a [Read More...]

Smear, smear again

Whatever virtue there may be to being disciplined and staying on message, that benefit doesn't seem to outweigh the transparent cynicism of robotically concerted campaigns. Yesterday's White House-defender talking point was to argue that Valerie Plame wasn't really a covert operative, but merely an analyst. That strategy failed miserably because it was directly contrary to [Read More...]

Bremer, Bono and $200 billion

President Bush's request of another $87 billion for securing and rebuilding Iraq has to be added to the $70 billion already spent there. Add to that $157 billion another $50 to $60 billion that various reports say will be needed and you've got a pricetag well over $200 billion. But there's another $200 billion lurking [Read More...]

Novak’s rebuttal (of himself)

The transcript is finally up from today's Crossfire on CNN. Here is what Bob Novak had to say about Wilsongate: Nobody in the Bush administration called me to leak this. In July, I was interviewing a senior administration official on Ambassador Wilson's report when he told me the trip was inspired by his wife, a [Read More...]

Wilsongate Update

Josh Marshall has posted excerpts of this morning's press gaggle with White House spokesman Scott McClellan. You can smell the panic and flopsweat even through the online transcript: QUESTION: Yes, but I'm just wondering if there was a conversation between Karl Rove and the President, or if he just talked to you, and you're here [Read More...]

Heads will roll

Earlier today, while some of us were still sleeping or watching the Eagles game, more responsible bloggers were already kneedeep in posts about today's big news — which is sure to be big news for many days to come. Mike Allen and Dana Milbank of The Washington Post have dug deep and discovered an honorable [Read More...]

A backwards “K” at the U.N.

After two days of meetings at the United Nations, the Bush administration came away with no new pledges of international troops or funds to assist with the securing and rebuilding of Iraq. White House officials hastened to say that this wasn't a failure because the administration never actually tried to recruit new aid. "The president [Read More...]

Friedman, Will and Rumsfeld

Something strange happened last night on the op-ed pages of The New York Times and The Washington Post. I suspect the work of pranksters who somehow hacked into the system. At the Times these mischief-makers deleted Tom Friedman's column — perhaps the next installment of his "because we could" argument for war on Iraq — [Read More...]