Down the Tubes

"They were rockets. The tubes were used for rockets." That's from "Australian Brig. Gen. Stephen D. Meekin, who commands the Joint Captured Enemy Materiel Exploitation Center, the largest of a half-dozen units that report to [David] Kay [head of the Iraq Survey Group]." Meekin is quoted by Barton Gellman in today's Washington Post in an [Read More...]

Thrilla in Manila

Harper's, James Pinkerton and Slate's Fred Kaplan all noted the disturbing historical precedent that President Bush cited in his speech in the Philippines. From Harper's "Weekly Review": President George W. Bush traveled to Asia and gave a speech in Manila comparing Iraq to the Philippines, a former U.S. colony that was "liberated" from Spain in [Read More...]

A Dangerous Man

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern is, like Joseph Wilson, both in a position to know the whole truth and brave enough to tell it to anybody who'll listen. On Sunday, McGovern spoke to a community group in Rochester, N.Y.: The Bush administration lied to Congress to pave the way for war with Iraq, alleged a [Read More...]

Rhymes with “Mrs. Sharpie”

Atrios brings us this delightful observation from Barbara Bush, the queen mother: "Why should we hear about body bags and deaths and how many, what day it's going to happen, and how many this or what do you suppose? Oh, I mean, it's, not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something [Read More...]

The Good, the Bad and the Hackneyed

Congratulations to David Brooks of The New York Times who Saturday became the 100,000th pundit to submit a column titled "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly." Times staffers gathered for a special ceremony commemorating the event, at which Clint Eastwood presented Brooks with a plaque marking the occasion. "When we were shooting this film, [Read More...]


Atrios points out this delightfully absurd story from The Philadelphia Inquirer: Concerned about the appearance of disarray and feuding within his administration as well as growing resistance to his policies in Iraq, President Bush — living up to his recent declaration that he is in charge — told his top officials to "stop the leaks" [Read More...]

Gaza on the Tigris (cont’d.)

One of the Bush administration's talking points on the occupation of Iraq is to compare this effort with the rebuilding of Japan and Germany in the years following World War II. I'm not sure this is a comparison they really want to be making, since it sets a very high standard for the eventual outcome [Read More...]

Early Returns

As the networks cover returns from California, you can be sure they'll offer projections, even after only a small percentage of precincts have reported. Imagine, hypothetically, that California had 130 precincts. Imagine if, after returns were in from 10 of these, 100 percent of those returns showed voters in favor of the recall, with 0 [Read More...]