‘Around the Web’


Look at a newspaper from 100 years ago and you’ll realize that lurid freak-shows and quack remedies have always helped to fund the business of journalism. Whatever value real reporting and real journalism has had to offer, it’s always been propped up, in part, by snake-oil and side-boobery. [Read more...]

So let the judgment fall on me


So, OK, I missed the Emmys — did Tatiana Maslany win for lead actress or supporting actress? Or both? (Plus some other links and stuff.) [Read more...]

You want much more than I’m giving


Superlatives are the worst. Mike Warnke is making a comeback. It’s cruel to take teenagers to D.C. to make them lobby on behalf of “abstinence only” sex education. Bryan Fischer’s delusional persecution fantasy is kind of true in Daytona Beach, but those Christians were fined for helping poor people, so Fischer & Co. don’t care. [Read more...]

7 @ 9: Why I’d be a bad time-traveler


The unintentional usefulness of wind-sock punditry. Sherlock met the woman at the well and how I failed to prevent the Black Death. Peter Enns on “inerrancy” as a tiny, late-arriving slice of Christianity. Bad moments in education. They are coming for your birth control. Without a healthy local press, local politicians can get away with anything. [Read more...]

Celebrating Krauthammer’s credibility problem


Charles Krauthammer, April 22, 2003: “Hans Blix had five months to find weapons. He found nothing. We’ve had five weeks. Come back to me in five months. If we haven’t found any, we will have a credibility problem.” As of today, it has been five months 23 times over. [Read more...]

Perversely insisting you like the unlikable doesn’t make someone else a liar

Screenshot 2013-11-06 at 5.27.32 PM

Here’s the “Gotcha” moment then: Ah, but what about people who liked getting screwed over by their old plans? They liked being ripped off, but they’re no longer allowed to be ripped off in quite that same way — therefore Obama was lying when he said “If you like your plan, you will be able to keep it.” [Read more...]

Versus and clobber verses: ‘It’s an almost impossible situation’


But the next word Peter says is “but.” “The Bible says one thing, but …” That’s terrifying for folks like poor Doug Anderson. They revere the Bible as their authority, their lifeline and lifeblood. And so, for them, if “the Bible says” we must never say “but.” If “it is unlawful” then it is unlawful no matter what else the Bible says about a whole theology of welcoming and loving people. [Read more...]

‘Reportedly’ is your friend for unverified imaginary girlfriends

Do you really think she'll pull through?

It doesn’t have to be that exact word, of course, but some such indicator has to be included so that readers know what they’re reading. They need to be told the truth about whether they’re being told This Is What Happened or they’re being told This Is What We’ve Heard Happened, which is not at all the same thing. [Read more...]