Left Behind Classic Fridays, No. 5: ‘Weird Science’


“What’s telling is that LaHaye and Jenkins can’t seem to make a distinction between science and magic. When you’re afraid to engage anything that might challenge your belief that the earth is only 10,000 years old, you don’t end up reading a lot of science. This keeps you clueless enough about biology to think it’s perfectly plausible that a few drops of Dr. Rosenzweig’s Miracle Gro can turn sand into soil. And clueless enough about economics to think that agriculture would be more lucrative than Israel’s existing high-tech industrial economy.” [Read more...]

If you had to pick one of these …


So, OK, two things: 1. Any preferences among these cover options? Or would the general consensus be “Ugh, none of the above”? and; 2. This would be a collection of the first couple years’ worth of Left Behind posts, covering the first 200 pages of the first book. (At about 80,000 words I suspect it’s actually longer than the first 200 pages of that book.) Anybody have a good sense of what a fair price would be for something like that? [Read more...]

NRA: I love it when a plan comes together


The final chunk of Chapter 13 will be familiar to anyone who grew up watching the TV shows of Stephen J. Cannell. These pages offer gunfire, explosions, and a mad scramble across the tarmac fleeing Bad Guys with bad aim. It’s almost like an episode of “The A-Team.” The main difference, though — and here’s a phrase I never expected to write — is that the writing was far, far better on “The A-Team.” [Read more...]

Left Behind Classic Fridays, No. 4: ‘Meet the GIRAT’


“The characters who occupy LaHaye and Jenkins’ fictional world are as oblivious, self-absorbed and incurious as L&J rely on their readers to be.” [Read more...]

NRA: We’re on a mission from Gahd


We’ve got an overnight car chase with comically absurdist dialogue, jokes about cigarette lighters, and providential mayhem in the service of a divine mission. Am I just imagining this, or is proud Chicagoan Jerry Jenkins deliberately referencing “The Blues Brothers” here? [Read more...]

Left Behind Classic Fridays, No. 3: ‘Meet Buck Williams’


Wherein we first encounter the Greatest Investigative Reporter of All Time, first realize that the co-authors of these books are represented by the dual protagonists as their fantasy surrogates, and first make some weak basketball jokes. [Read more...]

NRA: A second time through customs


The author’s explanation for this mass conversion seems to be that, prior to the Rapture, these thousands of diverse religions all taught something that was not real, true Christianity. The Antichrist’s One World Faith also is not real, true Christianity. So converting from one form of not-RTC to another form of not-RTC, the authors assume, couldn’t be that big a deal for any of these non-Christians. [Read more...]

Bad Theology makes for bad movies: ‘Left Behind’ is a story with no place for real humans

Screenshot 2014-10-03 at 3.05.42 PM

Theology is the story of God’s relationship with humanity. The parts of that story that pertain to God will always be, at some level, speculative — marked by assertions and contentions that can never be wholly proved or wholly falsified. But the other part of theology — the part of the story that tells us about humanity, about people — is something we can verify, measure, confirm or disprove, based on our own experience and our observations of the experience of others. [Read more...]