The Second Seal: How can a permanent fixture be a prediction of the future?


But whatever you make of the rest of the book, I just can’t see how Revelation 6:3-4 can be read as a foretelling of the future. The rider on the red horse — war — isn’t some dreaded figure whose arrival will come in the distant future. He lives here. He’s always lived here. [Read more...]

Instead of Rayford Steele talking about abortion, here is a video of a snowy egret riding a capybara


I like capybaras. They are gentle herbivores. Like humans, capybaras have lost the ability to synthesize vitamin C and are susceptible to scurvy. Unlike humans, they are incapable of sanctimonious lecturing, of delusional assumptions about the motives of others, or of promoting the misogynistic belief that women are intrinsically untrustworthy and inferior. [Read more...]

In ‘Mark of the Beast’ case, EEOC defends the religious liberty to belief it thereby proves to be factually untrue


Religious liberty, if it is ever to mean anything at all, must include the freedom to be wrong. It cannot matter, legally, whether or not a religious belief is orthodox, or coherent, or part of a longstanding established tradition. Protecting religious liberty means protecting the right to believe in the implausible, the idiosyncratic, the offensive, the stupid, the factually insupportable, the demonstrably false. The EEOC just proved that Beverly Butcher’s “Bible prophecy” beliefs are wrong — and that he has the right to be wrong. [Read more...]

Left Behind Classic Fridays, No. 17: ‘This ain’t science fiction’


“Communications and computer technology were rather different eight years ago from the way they are now,” I wrote in 2003, “And, one might imagine, eight years from now these technologies will be even more different.” That proved to be correct then, and it’s still true now. Here’s another bold prediction I’ll make about eight years from today: When you check back in to read this post in 2023, the Rapture still won’t have happened, but the people now saying it will occur at any moment will still be making money saying that. [Read more...]

Stairways circle back to where you’ve been


I’m glad to see Anthony Foxx is still transportation secretary. The closer you look, the less defensible Tyndale House seems. The Liar Tony Perkins warns against Prairie Home Sharia and gets invited to Minneapolis. And when is a kidnapper described as a “sweetheart”? When he’s white. [Read more...]

NRA: Antichrist & Sons


The idea just doesn’t fit with the rest of the scheme. It doesn’t work with the End Times timetable. Rapture, Antichrist, Tribulation, Armageddon, The End. That all takes place in seven years. So even if the Antichrist gets busy gettin’ busy immediately after the Rapture, his oldest children would only be 6 years old when Killer Jesus came back to wipe out their daddy and all his minions. [Read more...]

Christian-brand publisher admits blatant scam book was a blatant scam


So, yeah, the book’s descriptions of Heaven and angels and the afterlife were all just made up. No kidding. Death remains “The undiscovered country, from whose bourn / No traveller returns,” and it puzzles the will that anyone believed — or was willing to publish — a tall-tale claiming otherwise. [Read more...]

Left Behind Classic Fridays, No. 16: ‘A fool’s hope’


“We look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come,” the creed says, but Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins and the rest of the Christians caught up in the Rapture cult don’t want to die, so they’re holding out for a loophole. They look for the resurrection of the living. [Read more...]