Daily Show writer says ‘The Anti-Christ Handbook’ is ‘hilarious’ and ‘devastating’


Daniel Radosh, staff writer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: “Blogger Fred Clark has written one of the most effective (and hilarious) critiques of Left Behind, a page-by-page dissection of the first book that has taken him … years. The level of detail gives Clark space to build a devastating case.” [Read more...]

Left Behind Classic Fridays, No. 22: ‘Buck deplanes’


“I know what you’re thinking: Millions of people worldwide have disappeared. Every child and infant on the planet is gone. Death and destruction litter the landscape. So how will the passengers on Rayford Steele’s plane being able to collect their checked baggage?” [Read more...]

Celebrate World Pistachio Day!


In the spirit of World Pistachio Day, I invite you to mark the occasion with my own clumsily transparent attempt at crass commercialism in support of something tasty and nutritious. What goes better with pistachios than your very own eBook copy of “The Anti-Christ Handbook”? [Read more...]

‘The Anti-Christ Handbook’ reaches No. 1* on Amazon!

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“The Anti-Christ Handbook” is now a No. 1 best-seller on Amazon. (Sub-category Kindle Store; sub-category Kindle eBooks; sub-category paid; sub-category Religion & Spirituality; sub-category Christian Books & Bibles; sub-category Theology; sub-category Eschatology.) The very top of its sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-category! Number 1! [Read more...]

‘The Anti-Christ Handbook’ now available on Amazon

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I should warn you that purchasing this collection will almost certainly mean that you won’t be Raptured. I don’t believe that Killer Vengeance Jesus is coming back to snatch away all the Real, True Christians, but in the unlikely event that such a thing does happen, the possession of this e-book will almost certainly disqualify you from being whisked off to Heaven. You will be left behind with the rest of us sinners. [Read more...]

When some faction says they, and they alone, are the Real, True Christians, you shouldn’t take their word for it


The compulsion to elevate oneself as the righteous remnant, and to draw boundaries between Real True Believers and everyone else, is the hallmark of a particular strain of fundamentalist religion. It is a mark of religion that, I think, has elevated the cardinal sin above the cardinal virtue — substituting pride for love. That pride drives the obsessive need to constantly make and enforce distinctions between Us, the righteous few, and Them, the apostate hordes falsely claiming the name of our religion as they trundle down the broad path toward destruction. [Read more...]

Left Behind Classic Fridays, No. 21: ‘The evil of banality’


This is what LaHaye and Jenkins believe it means to be a Christian. This is what LaHaye and Jenkins believe it means to be a human. Hannah Arendt gave a name to this perspective: “the banality of evil.” The subject of her book, like the heroes of Left Behind, was a man primarily focused on travel arrangements. [Read more...]

NRA: Papa is still preaching (it gets worse)


Jerry Jenkins is, for the most part, terrible at world-building and continuity. His fictional world contradicts itself repeatedly. He introduces huge changes and then forgets about them just a few pages later. But on this one point he is reliably, relentlessly consistent. The misogyny in this chapter — the contempt and disgust for women displayed here — permeates the entirety of this story and of the theology that drives it. [Read more...]