It’s still not the end of the world

Today, once again, is the day that Harold Camping says the world will end. And this time he really, really means it. Camping is not altogether wrong. For some of us, this will be true. The world will end today, Oct. 21, 2011, for tens of thousands of us — about 150,000 on average. But [Read More...]

TF: Best-kept secrets

Tribulation Force, pp. 425-426 The double ceremony in Bruce’s office two weeks later was the most private wedding anyone could imagine. If you’re getting married and your dad is getting married at the same time in the same room by the same preacher, then I can actually imagine a much more private wedding ceremony. Only [Read More...]

TF: A clandestine meeting

Tribulation Force, pp. 423-425 A key thing to remember about the post-Rapture world of this book is that all the good people are gone. Apart from a handful of characters we know by name, everyone else on Earth is a sinful fool who obstinately rejects God in the face of overwhelming evidence. This is important [Read More...]

TF: Sock it to me

Tribulation Force, pp. 417-422 Rayford was not sure just when his respect and admiration for Amanda White had developed into love. That word “respect” is unexpected there. It is, I think, the first instance or suggestion so far in this series that a male character might respect a female character. The context that follows in [Read More...]

TF: A case of do or die

Tribulation Force, pp. 413-417 We come today to the first kiss between Buck Williams and Chloe Steele. Jerry Jenkins is not a writer I trust to handle such a scene, and the involvement of Buck Williams as one of the parties to this kiss introduces a significant “ick factor,” so I’ve been anticipating this passage [Read More...]

TF: Amanda Hugginkiss

Tribulation Force, pp. 407-413 The central theme of this series of books is always the same: You are right and someday everyone else will see that you were right all along. That triumphalism plays out on a cosmic scale throughout this story, but it also pervades even the smaller, more intimately human-scaled scenes of these [Read More...]

Refusing to bow before the Beast

Apocalypse and Allegiance: Worship, Politics and Devotion in the Book of Revelation, by J. Nelson Kraybill, Brazos Press. The book of Revelation can be cryptic, but it’s not really as impenetrable or strange as we sometimes make it out to be. Much of what we portray as baffling in John of Patmos’ psychedelic visions would [Read More...]

TF: Post-Rapture economics

Tribulation Force, pp. 406-407 More than 18 months after the Rapture, it finally occurs to the authors that the final countdown of history might also have financial and economic implications: Rayford was going to be out of town until the day before he and Chloe and the new buyers were to close on the house. [Read More...]