Left Behind Index I: Posts 1-50

1. Left Behind is evil | Oct. 17, 2003 2. Pretrib Porno | Oct. 18, 2003; pp. 1-3 3. The denial of death | Oct. 20, 2003; pp. 4-5 4. Meet Buck Williams | Oct. 20, 2003; pg. 6 5. Meet the GIRAT | Oct. 21, 2003; pp. 6-7 6. Weird Science | Oct. 22, [Read More...]


Tribulation Force, pp. 401-402 One possibility is that Jerry Jenkins had in mind a rough list of developments planned to take place in the second book and a general goal for that book of about 450 pages. After typing up the first 17 chapters, then, he found himself 400 pages along with most of those [Read More...]

TF: 400 childless pages

Tribulation Force, pp. 1-401 I neglected to mention one other rather important thing the authors neglected to mention following their 18-month leap forward in time. After the unexplained, instantaneous disappearance of every child on earth the whole world would be desperate to know if it would ever again be possible for women to conceive and [Read More...]

TF: As sands through the hourglass …

Tribulation Force, pp. 399-400 A lot can happen in 18 months. Or not. We land a bit awkwardly after our leap forward in time to learn that our heroes’ circumstances have changed, but they themselves have not. They have not grown or learned or discovered much of anything new about themselves or the world around [Read More...]

TF: 788,400 moments so dear

Tribulation Force, pp. 398-399 Buck and Tsion Ben-Judah arrive at Tsion’s home where the former rabbi’s nameless wife wails, “Our lives are ruined!” That’s technically true. Tsion’s broadcast will certainly entail some big changes in the Ben-Judah household. He worked for decades to establish a position as a distinguished scholar and a respected figure within [Read More...]

TF: Jesus stole your children

Tribulation Force, pp. 396-397 As the former rabbi Tsion Ben-Judan shouts his redundant conclusion — “Jesus Christ is the Messiah!” — he has Buck Williams shouting along with him: Buck leaped from the couch in the green room, standing now, watching the monitor. Others had gathered, but he couldn’t help himself. He shouted, “Yes! Go, [Read More...]

TF: How Not To Do Evangelism

Tribulation Force, pp. 386-396 Reading the Left Behind series has caused me to re-evaluate many of the “Bible prophecy,” End-Times works I encountered before opening these books. The more I read of Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, the better that Hal Lindsay and Donald W. Thompson seem. Thompson was the auteur behind A Thief in [Read More...]

TF: Messiah's handle

Tribulation Force, pp. 393-396 “Jesus Christ is the Messiah!” the rabbi concluded. This declaration surprises almost everyone in the story and absolutely no one reading it. It’s another clumsy anticlimax, a conclusion so thuddingly obvious for so many pages before it arrives that the authors’ efforts to make it suspenseful just make everyone in the [Read More...]