NRA: One tough coroner


Let’s just assume that the coroner was not killed in the nuclear attack on the city, that the coroner’s downtown office was not damaged, that the phone lines and power for the office continue to function as they did before the attack, that the coroner himself and all of his staff managed to make their way through all the debris and devastation to get to the building and that now, today — one day after the Antichrist’s military nuked the city of Chicago — the Cook County Office of the Medical Examiner is open for business during regular office hours. [Read more...]

NRA: Feeling bad


This weird ethical outlook of faith-versus-works has a disastrous effect on Jerry Jenkins’ storytelling. When deeds don’t matter, then events don’t matter either. And thus events tend to lose not just their moral significance, but their significance to the plot and to character. [Read more...]

We have our Chloe: Ashley Tisdale joins Left Behind reboot

Meet the next Chloe Steele.

If I can’t have Nic Cage as Nicolae Carpathia in the new Left Behind movie, my next pick would be Christopher Walken. Yes, I know he’s too old, but nobody else seems quite Walken enough for the part. [Read more...]

Chad Michael Murray joins Left Behind reboot


This is potentially exciting news, since Murray playing Buck Williams rules out that part for Nic Cage — making it likelier that my Cage-as-Nicolae-Carpathia wish will come true. [Read more...]

NRA: We’re back in the car again


I’m willing to give Jerry Jenkins the benefit of the doubt here and guess that repeated close and slow readings of this scene might yield some coherent sequence of physical events. I’d bet that if we gave him a half hour, some graph paper, a white board and some miniature models, he could walk us through all of that and show us what he was imagining in a way that made sense. [Read more...]

NRA: What does the Antichrist want?


The authors don’t tell us why the Antichrist does what he does because they don’t know. And they don’t care. “Bible prophecy,” they insist, tells us what the Antichrist will do. And if we already know, step-by-step, exactly what he will do, then we don’t need to know why. [Read more...]

Know your millennialisms (and how to avoid them)


Religion Dispatches is a reliable site for smart commentary, and Jay Michaelson seems like an engaging fellow, but his latest RD article — “Why I’m Grateful for 2012, The Rapture, and Other Millennial Delusions” — is an unholy mess. Michaelson gets his eschatology scrambled, reversing pre- and post-millennialism, and thereby also garbling American history beyond recognition. [Read more...]

NRA: The running man


Finally, Buck Williams wants something. That gives this chapter a momentum and a life that’s usually lacking in these books. It’s the one big thing that Jerry Jenkins gets right in this chapter that allows readers to hurdle past all the other things here, large and small, that he gets horribly wrong. [Read more...]