NRA: Just Let It Go

The secret to any successful marriage is having a good Antichrist.

In order to get through this logjam of absurdities here in Chapter 4, I’ll need to just buck up, as it were, swallow hard, and make “just let it go” my mantra for turning pages. Otherwise I’ll never be able to plow through this so that we can discover the glorious absurdities awaiting in Chapter 5. [Read more...]

Dr. Sarah Hammond on Left Behind


Religious history scholar Sarah Hammond died last Thanksgiving, too soon. Tributes marking the anniversary of her death this week highlighted her perceptive, generous and clear-eyed assessment of the Left Behind series, which Hammond saw as an important window into the culture and theology of American evangelicalism. [Read more...]

The curious incident of Elementary, Left Behind, and the paradox of ‘Bible prophecy’


That’s the paradoxical problem in all stories like this. In order to present a setting in which Sherlock Homes can seem real, that setting cannot allow for the existence of the fictional Holmes. And a world without the fictional Holmes can never seem wholly familiar or real. [Read more...]

NRA: Life during wartime

It's not just a cell phone, babe, it's a UNIVERSAL cell phone.

“Write what you know,” the old adage says, and what Jerry Jenkins knows is business travel as a commercial airline passenger. So that’s what he gives us here in Nicolae. As a result, his account of World War III ends up being less exciting, and less eventful, than the average story about routine travel through airports. [Read more...]

A Thief in the Night: Rise of the Antichrist Movie


Today at Religion & Politics, Amy Frykholm considers “The 40th Anniversary of A Thief in the Night.” I’m a bit too brain-fried and bone-weary at the end of a long week to spend time today with the likes of Rayford Steele and Buck Williams, so instead let’s revisit this related classic with Frykholm. [Read more...]

NRA: Stealing from the starving

A bunch of government bureaucrats getting in Buck's way.

The problem in this chapter — and all throughout this series — is that Buck responds to his own emergency without acknowledging that everyone around him is also facing the very same emergency and the very same stakes. We can forgive a character who steals a loaf of bread to feed his starving children, but we cannot forgive a character who steals that bread from someone else’s starving children. [Read more...]

The Glorious Appearing of Mitt Romney


Does Mit Romney disagree with Tim LaHaye? Not at all, he insists in this video. Watch as Romney, in full don’t-interrupt-me-while-I’m-interrupting debate mode, reassures premillennial dispensationalist prophecy enthusiasts that he believes exactly what they believe — just with a little bit of extra Missouri. [Read more...]

NRA: The Old Nature


This week in “Nicolae: The Rise of the Antichrist,” we learn that swearing is bad — evidence of our old, sinful nature. But sneering at someone else’s less-expensive car, cutting off others in traffic, and threatening to run-down emergency workers on the highway? That’s all good, godly behavior. [Read more...]