TFTM: Chauffeurs for the powers that be

Left Behind II: Tribulation Force, Part 2 Left Behind II: Tribulation Force is, obviously, a sequel. As such it gets a bit bogged down initially in some awkwardly sequel-ish revisiting of stuff from the first movie. I’m happy to give director Bill Corcoran a pass on that, though, since this early part of the movie [Read More...]

TFTM: Everybody watches TV

Left Behind II: Tribulation Force; part 1. Two things must be said at the outset. 1. Left Behind II: Tribulation Force is a bad movie. 2. This movie is far better than the book. Both of those truths are demonstrated in the opening scenes of this film video. Director Bill Corcoran begins by slowly panning [Read More...]

TF: A person of action

Tribulation Force, pp. 445-450 Stymied by traffic jams and nuclear war, our heroes will be forced to hike half a mile on foot to reach the just-bombed hospital where their friend Bruce Barnes was lying in a coma. “I’m going,” Rayford said. “Me too,” Buck said. “We’re all going,” Chloe insisted, but Rayford held up [Read More...]

TF: Battle come down


Tribulation Force, pp. 443-445 After crushing insurrectionists in several locations with deadly force, the “potentate” of the one-world government addresses the world via radio: “Loyal citizens of the Global Community,” came the voice of Carpathia, “I come to you today with a broken heart, unable to tell you even from where I speak. For more [Read More...]

TF: Stuck in traffic

Tribulation Force, pp. 440-443 When we last saw our heroes they were in a dire predicament. Traffic leading up to their exit of the tollway was at a standstill and it seemed they would have to exit onto Route 53 and then backtrack for miles. Oh, and also Washington, D.C., has been destroyed. Still stuck [Read More...]

TF: Rev. Barnes Regrets He’s Unable to Lunch Today

Tribulation Force, pp. 437-440 Buck Williams answers the telephone. Here is what Buck will learn from this phone call: Bruce Barnes is in the hospital in a coma. I’ve told you that much ahead of time to save you from doing what I did when I first read this section — going back to re-read [Read More...]

TF: A planned vacation

Tribulation Force, pp. 433-437 Last week we discussed the protagonists’ lack of curiosity about the very specific schedule of calamities awaiting them in the Great Tribulation. Today we see that this hardly matters, because even with very specific advance warning these two guys are incapable of taking action. In these pages of Tribulation Force, both [Read More...]

TF: A secured mail package


Tribulation Force, pp. 429-433 Rayford found it difficult to take in the incredible change in New Babylon since the first time he had visited following the treaty signing in Israel. He had to hand it to Carpathia and his sea of money. A lavish world capital had sprung up out of the ruins, and now [Read More...]