This sad spectacle would never have happened if Gene Rivers was still alive

Hey, didn't you used to be Gene Rivers? (RNS photo by Lauren Markoe)

If obsequiously sucking up to the dominant, privileged religious majority were a crime, then Gene Rivers would, indeed, be guilty. But that’s never been against the law. It was Micaiah who was sent to prison. The apple-polisher Zedekiah remained a free man. So Rivers knows he doesn’t have any reason to worry about “going to jail.” [Read more...]

Manhattan Declaration Direct-Mail Fundraising Inc.


The half-a-million signatories of the Manhattan Declaration provide quite a mailing list. More importantly, it’s a mailing list of reflexively fearful white Christians who have already proven they can be easily manipulated by scary stories about the Big Gay Menace, the Satanic baby-killers, and the evil secularists threatening Christian America. A list like this is a money-making machine. That was the whole point. [Read more...]