Kansas Christianists seek monopoly on worldly honors and emoluments

Dimmitt, Texas, 1949.

This bill is the epitome of the recent effort to redefine “religious liberty” as a way of enshrining the privileges of the privileged. It is an attempt to, in Thomas Jefferson’s phrase, secure a “monopoly on worldly honors and emoluments.” The thing about monopolies, of course, is that unlike liberties, they can’t be enjoyed by everyone — only by the select chosen few. [Read more...]

This sad spectacle would never have happened if Gene Rivers was still alive

Hey, didn't you used to be Gene Rivers? (RNS photo by Lauren Markoe)

If obsequiously sucking up to the dominant, privileged religious majority were a crime, then Gene Rivers would, indeed, be guilty. But that’s never been against the law. It was Micaiah who was sent to prison. The apple-polisher Zedekiah remained a free man. So Rivers knows he doesn’t have any reason to worry about “going to jail.” [Read more...]

Pat Buchanan joins Manhattan Declarers in ‘civil disobedience’ fappery


Pat Buchanan takes a break from race-baiting to pledge his support for “civil disobedience” against marriage equality. Like all the other pundits advocating this, he is unable to explain just how this would work. [Read more...]

Manhattan Declaration Direct-Mail Fundraising Inc.


The half-a-million signatories of the Manhattan Declaration provide quite a mailing list. More importantly, it’s a mailing list of reflexively fearful white Christians who have already proven they can be easily manipulated by scary stories about the Big Gay Menace, the Satanic baby-killers, and the evil secularists threatening Christian America. A list like this is a money-making machine. That was the whole point. [Read more...]

Religious right still doesn’t know what ‘civil disobedience’ means

John Lewis (left) and Jim Zwerg in 1961 in Montgomery, Ala.

Civil disobedience can be a powerful tool of nonviolent change, but it is really only appropriate or effective in response to an unjust legal prohibition. It does not apply easily or work well as a protest against what one regards as an unjust lack of legal prohibition. It’s hard to disobey a law that grants permission. [Read more...]

Culture warrior baffled by symbol with two short parallel lines


Being a culture-warrior means pretending you’ve never heard of equality: “When I moved to Washington I noticed these small blue stickers with two yellow lines permeating the city. They were on cars, t-shirts, and lamp posts. It wasn’t long before I Googled ‘blue sticker yellow lines’ and discovered it is the logo of the Human Rights Campaign.” [Read more...]

Freedom for all three religions: fundraising theater

The Thomas More Law Center, a conservative Catholic fundraising group that portrays itself as a defender of religious liberty, seems to be hoping to corner the market on fundraising from anti-Muslim conservative Catholics. That’s bad. But it has had the felicitous side-effect of pushing the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty — another conservative Catholic fundraising [Read More...]

Those he hated and harmed not remembering Chuck Colson fondly

“I found him to be one of the most kind and gentle and thoughtful human beings I’ve ever met.” — Karl Rove, on Chuck Colson Political powerbroker turned Christianist political powerbroker Chuck Colson died Saturday. Karl Rove’s remembrance, above, is neither typical nor accurate. Mark Silk’s headline does a good job of summarizing the trajectory [Read More...]