Didn’t it, didn’t it, didn’t it rain?

It’s possible that the discussion begun here and here could use some fresh thread to continue, so feel free to chime in here with more thoughts on Noah, literalism, the genre of origin stories, “scientific creationism,” Hamsterism, Last-Thursdayism, theism, atheism, the canopy theory, or whatever else you want to discuss (including none of the above). [Read More...]

Here’s all I’ve Got


Deep thoughts don’t occur to me … “I’ve Got a Boyfriend,” The Frogs “I’ve Got a Crush on You,” Carly Simon “I’ve Got a Dark Alley and a Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth,” Fall Out Boy “I’ve Got a Gal in Kalamazoo,” Glenn Miller “I’ve Got a Lover (Back in Japan),” [Read More...]

Has to Have


Spin the bottle, pick the victim … “Has Anybody Here Seen Hank?” The Waterboys “Has He Got a Friend for Me?” Maria McKee “Hate and War,” The Clash “Hateful,” The Clash “Haunted,” Evanescence “Haunted,” Shane MacGowan & Sinead O’Connor “Haunted,” Ramona Silver “Haunted,” Taylor Swift “Haunted Castle,” The Kingsmen “Have a Little Faith in Me,” [Read More...]

From Great to Greenville


The compass points the workers home “The Great American Cure,” Randy Stonehill “Great Big Love,” Bruce Cockburn “Great Big No,” The Lemonheads “The Great Speckled Bird,” Johnny Cash “The Greatest,” Cat Power “The Greatest Cowboy of Them All,” Johnny Cash “Green Arrow,” Yo La Tengo “Green Eggs and Ham,” Moxy Fruvous “Green Grow the Rushes,” [Read More...]

‘Have a Little Faith in Me’

I’ve been playing this over and over since stumbling across it earlier this week. This is Bill Frisell, Eyving Kang, Ron Miles and Curtis Fowlkes doing John Hiatt’s “Have a Little Faith in Me.” Yeah, it’s your basic guitar-violin-trumpet-trombone combo. Fowlkes’ trombone line may be permanently stuck in my head. And, actually, I’m happy about [Read More...]

Fall into Falling

If I send it to you, you’ve got to promise to keep it whole “Fall at Your Feet,” Crowded House “Fall Away,” The Fray “Fall Behind Me,” The Donnas “The Fall of Troy,” Tom Waits “Fall on Me,” Cry Cry Cry “Fall on Me,” Mark Erelli “Fall on Me,” R.E.M. “Fall to Pieces,” Avril Lavigne [Read More...]

All Eyes

‘Cause part of me knows what you’re thinking … “Eye,” Smashing Pumpkins “Eyé Adabå,” Asa “Eye in the Sky,” Jonatha Brooke “Eye Know,” De La Soul “Eye Know (Know It All mix),” De La Soul “Eye of the Hurricane,” The Alarm “Eye of the Storm,” Mark Heard “Eye of the Tiger,” Josh Joplin “Eye on [Read More...]


Every now and then I seem to dream these dreams … “The Dry Bones Dance,” Mark Heard “Dry Land,” Roddy Frame “Dry Lightning,” Bruce Springsteen “Dry the Rain,” The Beta Band “The Dull Flame of Desire,” Bjork “Dum Da Dum Doi Doi,” Terry Taylor “Dumb,” Nirvana “Dumb Ol’ Girl,” Kathleen Wilhoite “Dunford’s Fancy,” The Waterboys [Read More...]