Two albums for the wishlist

I somehow missed a couple of albums despite both being right up my alley and coming from two of my favorite voices anywhere. Patty Griffin is a brilliant songwriter, capable of crafting a lyric and setting it to a melody that cuts to the heart. She’s written a host of songs that can burrow under [Read More...]

Rock 'n' Roll High School

All for the love of molding young minds … Since we reached the end of the alphabet last week, and since it’s the beginning of September, I figured this week I’d try a thematic list to see what our iTunes libraries hold as far as school-related songs. “ABC,” Jackson 5 “Birth, School, Work, Death,” The [Read More...]

Play 'Misty' for me

I linked yesterday to Dennis G.’s mordant, but wincingly apt joke that Fox News has come to be something like “Nickolodeon for people with dementia.” That’s a bitter joke on a couple of levels but still, I think, a funny one. Dementia is a heartbreaking thing and thus, in a sense, no laughing matter. Yet [Read More...]

All Yours

damn right you’ll rise again … “Your Cheating Heart,” James Brown “Your Cheating Heart,” Patsy Cline “Your Dictionary,” XTC “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead,” Stars “Your Girlfriend’s Car,” Throw Me the Statue “Your Good Thing (Is About to End),” Mable John “Your Kisses Are Wasted on Me,” The Pippettes “Your Latest Trick,” Dire Straits “Your Little [Read More...]

Albums I can't afford

So with no job, my music-buying budget is non-existent. Many years ago as a writer and editor of music reviews, I had that sweet deal of free CDs in the mail begging for my attention. But that was many years ago. These days, I’m pretty much out of the loop music-wise, but I still hear [Read More...]

Way Down to A Ways to Go

For the day it will come when the proud will fall … “Way Down in the Hole,” Tom Waits “Way Down Now,” World Party “The Way I Was Made,” Griffin House “The Way of Love,” Charlie Peacock “The Way of Men,” Mark Heard “The Way We Make a Broken Heart,” John Hiatt “The Way You [Read More...]

Valentines to Veronica

We never have enough / time to show our love “Valentine’s Day,” Bruce Springsteen “Valentine’s Day,” Linkin Park “Valentino,” Diane Birch “Valerie,” Mightyhead “Valparaiso,” Sting “Vampire,” Antsy Pants “Vampiresa Mujer,” Jonathan Richman “Vapour Trail,” Ride “Venezuela,” Randy Stonehill “Ventilator Blues,”  The Rolling Stones “Verdi Cries,” 10,000 Maniacs “Veronica,” Dust Poets “Veronica,” Elvis Costello “Verdi Cries” [Read More...]

Up to Us

it’s got nothing to do with you … “Up,” Ticklepenny Corner “Up Above My Head,” Maria Muldaur & Tracy Nelson “Up Against the Glass,” The Botticellis “Up All Night,” Green “Up Around the Bend,” Creedence Clearwater Revival “Up in This (Blood on the Banjo Remix),” Don McCloskey “Up the Hill Backwards,” David Bowie “Up the [Read More...]