I am always praying through my vanities


A few things, including: Commencement commences; Molly Worthen on the incredible shrinking Southern Baptist Convention; Christianity Today and gender disparity; everybody’s got a black cousin; Limax maximus porn; new study confirms an old trick; an atheist Advent hymn. [Read more...]

The sleep walk never ends

Ann B. Davis (1926-2014)

A few things, including: Sunday school malpractice; Alice’s hippie Jesus; an unfortunate billboard; Ararat and Olympus Mons; James Dobson’s “freedom to worship;” and poor Wayne, still in handcuffs after 30 years. [Read more...]

The dogs of war drop it on your lawn


Some videos for your Saturday morning: A surprisingly apropos old tune from Daniel Amos, trailers for a couple of documentaries on the good work being done by members of the National Religious Broadcasters, “Dark Dungeons” will be a feature film (if, sadly, not a musical), and three strangers meet, improvise a song, and then go on about their separate business. [Read more...]

Looking for the answer in Orion: More Mondegreenage


When we get to a relatively risk-free subject like mondegreens, we enjoy the chance to confess our confusions and to have them accepted with laughter, endearment and something like membership or belonging. It’s like a chance to dip our toes into that intimidating pool of self-revelation that someday we hope to be brave enough to plunge into completely. [Read more...]

There’s a bathroom on the right: Mondegreens and the Bible

The girl with colitis goes by ...

Mondegreens occur when both of those factors are present — both the acoustic fragility that provides the space for ambiguous interpretation of a song’s lyrics and the expectation or desire that makes the alternative interpretation preferable. [Read more...]

St. Paul and the Broken Bones

Yesterday I did not know that St. Paul and the Broken Bones existed. Today I do. Today is a better day than yesterday. [Read more...]

On my way to the promised land


Even by the loony, loopy standards of the anti-rock-preacher circuit, Sketch Erickson stood out. He was obsessed with Elvis — tracing all the evils in pop music, pop culture, and the entire world back to “Elvis. Aron. Presley.” He always said the name like that — first, middle, last, emphasizing each one. That serpent in the Garden of Eden with its sinuous hips? Elvis. Aron. Presley. [Read more...]

‘Softly and Tenderly’ reprise, and a recommendation


The plot of “Junebug” is easy to summarize — the older son who moved off to the city up North returns home with his city wife to visit his family. But it’s much harder to say what this movie is about. I think maybe, in part, it’s about the possibility and impossibility of ever knowing another person. [Read more...]