Why milllennialism is misleading the church


Don’t get me wrong — I think post-millennialism is a flawed theology. But if the Second Coming of Jesus is going to influence how Christians respond to injustice, I don’t want to hear us invoking pre-millennialist pessimism and saying that “Some things are not going to change until Jesus comes.” If that’s the only other option, then I’d prefer the post-millennial view: “Jesus isn’t going to come until some things change.” [Read more...]

Whovians and Whedonites, Niebuhr and Game of Thrones, plus other random geekery

The Small Council greets the new Hand of the King.

A Whovian watches “Firefly;” Niebuhrians watch “Game of Thrones;” horrible gendered T-shirts; the “shadow biosphere;” how ghost stories helped rediscover real history; and could the next Doctor be an American? [Read more...]

Know your millennialisms (and how to avoid them)


Religion Dispatches is a reliable site for smart commentary, and Jay Michaelson seems like an engaging fellow, but his latest RD article — “Why I’m Grateful for 2012, The Rapture, and Other Millennial Delusions” — is an unholy mess. Michaelson gets his eschatology scrambled, reversing pre- and post-millennialism, and thereby also garbling American history beyond recognition. [Read more...]

Obama and the ‘social justice tradition’ of American Christianity

Image via The Niebuhr Society.

Scot McKnight on the difference between the white Social Gospel and the social justice tradition of the black church: “A theology done from the oppressed and for the oppressed is not the same as a theology done from the position of power and privilege.” [Read more...]

A timely conversation from 1958


Just came across this while looking for something else.* Mike Wallace interviews Reinhold Niebuhr, April 27, 1958: WALLACE: Dr. Niebuhr, the first question I’d like to put to you is perhaps a very obvious one, but I would like a kind of a capsulized answer, if I may. We hear about the necessity for a [Read More...]

A Vindication of Democracy

Another quick note in response to the Rev. John MacArthur's strange belief that Reformed theology compels one to be an apologist for autocrats. After all, who said democracy’s the best form of government? No matter what the form of government is, the Bible doesn’t advocate anything but a theocracy. The Bible proclaims God to be [Read More...]

Human readers

(One last thing on Niebuhr, then we'll move on, I promise.) Reinhold Niebuhr is regarded as a "Neo-Orthodox" theologian. The "neo" there doesn't mean that he presented a new orthodoxy, but refers rather to the way that his profound consideration of sin and human nature was a reassertion of the classic biblical and Augustinian views. [Read More...]

Only human

"Good pitching will beat good hitting any time, and vice versa." – Bob Veale Some interesting discussion recently in comments about human nature, specifically around the perennial question: Are people basically good? That's a perennial question, but perhaps not a very helpful one. The answer we Christians give is "Yes." And also "No." The Yes [Read More...]