Marco Rubio and the Hebrew Congregation of Newport


To Sen. Marco Rubio, President Obama’s visit yesterday to a Baltimore mosque was “divisive.” Obama’s acknowledgement of the equal rights of religious minorities, to Rubio, amounts to “pitting people against each other.” So let’s revisit President George Washington’s 1790 “Letter to the Hebrew Congregation of Newport.” It’s really good, but Marco Rubio isn’t gonna like it. [Read more...]

Advent Calendar, Day Whatever


What should you do when some offense-addicted hegemon sneers a weaponized “Merry Christmas” at you, their fingers twitching over the holster of their quick-draw culture-war six-shooter as they evaluate your response to this tribal shibboleth?

You should say, “Thanks! You too!” And give ‘em a big smile. [Read more...]

Rothko’s ‘War on Christmas’ (1950, oil on paper)


[Read more...]

Everyone says love is a labor


Former Southern Baptist “ethics” spokesman Richard Land is still talking. Land is still utterly baffled by the concept of consent, and he can’t understand Kids These Days, with their unbiblical notions that sexual ethics should have anything to do with honesty and fidelity. Plus: A Republican governor attacks the police; another fun biblical-studies detective story; and a reminder of Sarah Palin’s old Secret Service nickname (it was not “McKinley”). [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things (9.3)

Jon Corvino on why renegade Kentucky clerk is not a conscientious objector. Julie Ingersoll on David Barton and Reconstructionism/dominionism. Elias Isquith on Trump and white male anxiety. Derek Penwell on fundamentalism. And T. Christian Miller’s long, depressing investigation on why nobody’s using ViCAP. [Read more...]

Triple murder: ‘Ritualistic Presbyterian killing planned to coincide with the Blue Moon’


There was absolutely nothing about this crime scene that should have made any police officer or journalist imagine that this crime had anything to do with Presbyterianism at all. That’s just a nonsense claim fabricated out of whole cloth by a panicked sheriff who seems utterly ignorant about Presbyterianism and Presbyterians. [Read more...]

The gospel according to 1 Corinthians 13 (part 1)


We all know love when we see it. And when we see the genuine article, we’re awed by it, regardless of the “theological system” (or absence of any such system) of those who show such genuine love. [Read more...]

It’s not gullibility; it’s malice. (C.S. Lewis is right and Ed Stetzer is wrong.)


Gullibility is a kind of innocence — an honest mistake. But gullibility is not the problem. Gullible people are relieved and happy to learn that some fake-news Scary Story isn’t actually true. But when those spreading such stories are disappointed, or defensive, or angry to learn they aren’t true, then we know that gullibility had nothing to do with it. [Read more...]