Nationals’ reliever shows us how to organize GOP presidential debates

Screen shot 2015-05-23 at 3.53.01 PM

So here’s my plan: Invite all two dozen of the 2016 Republican presidential candidates to Nationals Park for a post-anthem stand-off. The last four still standing — still on the field, caps held over their hearts — qualify for the televised debates on Fox and CNN. It would be silly and stupid, but it might still be an improvement over the current process — which is, itself, a goofy parody of macho posturing and performative patriotism. [Read more...]

Here, at last, is our 2016 campaign/’Too Many Cooks’ mashup


Back in January, I asked “Where is our 2016 GOP/Too Many Cooks mashup?” The Internet finally comes through thanks to — surprisingly — CNN. No, really CNN. Who knew they had it in them? (They left out George Pataki, and Snarf, but I’m not complaining.) [Read more...]

Sen. Inhofe’s perfectly legal corruption is worse than former-Rep. Schock’s law-breaking


As usual, the real scandal is not what is illegal, but what remains perfectly legal. Aaron Schock was forced to resign because he was corrupt, but 534 members of Congress remain in office and many of them are far, far more corrupt than he has ever managed to be. Consider, for example, Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma. [Read more...]

Republicans saying Republican things (2.12)


The wit and wisdom of senators, governors, presidential candidates and state representatives, from the party that wants to outlaw yoga pants, expand Guantanamo, redefine rape, and make sure that all of our small children are safely implanted. [Read more...]

Republicans divided on germ theory of disease and the monstrous legacy of Dr. Jonas Salk

History's Greatest Monster. (Photo of Dr. Jonas Salk by Yousuf Karsh, 1956)

President Obama urged parents to vaccinate their children. As a result, for the past two days we’ve seen a steady parade of ambitious Republican officials denouncing the evils of vaccination and attacking the germ theory of disease, followed by another group of Republican officials trying to control the damage by arguing that #NotALLRepublicans think that preventing disease is a Bad Thing. [Read more...]

What was the deal with Pa. Gov. Tom Corbett?

One-term Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett. (AP photo by Gene J. Puskar)

Pennsylvania’s electorate contradicted itself yesterday. If it was right to reject Tom Corbett, then it was wrong to reinforce the Corbett agenda by increasing the Corbett majority in the state legislature. If it was right to strengthen the Republican hold on the state legislature, then it was wrong to vilify Tom Corbett. [Read more...]

Libertarians, ‘moralism’ and the ‘Corrosive Politics of Virtue’


“Moralism” isn’t a list of social issues. Moralism is about drawing lines and assigning blame. It’s about separating the “deserving” from the “undeserving.” And, above all, it’s about identifying the immoral Other who can be blamed for all the ills of society. [Read more...]

Neo-Bircher apocalyptic politics harms the people who embrace it


Tim LaHaye’s major “contribution” to dispensationalist ideology was his grafting in of old John Birch Society legends, simply replacing their dishonest paranoia about a Communist one-world government with fears of an Antichrist one-world government instead. This is the main difference between the tea party of the 21st century and the Birchers of the 1950s and ’60s. [Read more...]