Al Mohler: SBC is the perfect combination of Sterling Cooper and Dunder Mifflin

Russell Moore will replace Richard Land as the Southern Baptist Convention's political spokesman.

Russell Moore is replacing Richard Land as the public face of the Southern Baptist Convention. Moore, dean of the School of Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has been a long-time ally in Al Mohler's fundie/GOP/creationist/hierarchical insurgency in the nation's largest Protestant denomination. Like his mentor, Mohler, Moore is every bit the culture warrior that Land has been, but he's a full generation younger. That means he brings a bit more social-media savvy and a bit less … [Read more...]

More on what civil disobedience can and cannot do


Civil disobedience can be a powerful tool for challenging unjust laws. It can be, and sometimes has been, the moral obligation of citizens committed to justice for all. But not every injustice lends itself to being addressed by civil disobedience. We discussed this here last summer in a post on "Civil disobedience in Hazzard County" -- using the old TV show¬†The Dukes of Hazzard as a template for examining situations in which this tool can be extremely effective, and situations in which it … [Read more...]

Southern Baptists might do the right thing and fire Richard Land

I first wrote about Richard Land's awful comments on the Trayvon Martin case because it seemed to me a particularly egregious example of the sort of horrible, nasty dishonesty that politically conservative evangelicals regularly spout with impunity. I wrote that Land needed to be fired because that was true, but also because I didn't expect him to experience any consequences or accountability for his hateful rant. It's beginning to look like I may have been wrong about that. Richard Land's … [Read more...]

Richard Land apologizes, but scandal still dragging down Southern Baptist Convention

Richard Land, the public face of the Southern Baptist Convention, has finally remembered the first rule of holes. But it may be too late for either him or the SBC. The longtime "ethics" spokesman put himself and his entire denomination in a deep hole with his initial rant on the slaying of Trayvon Martin. Then Land defiantly spent the next several weeks digging in deeper. That rant on the Martin case, made on Land's radio show, Richard Land Live!, ought to have been his penultimate public … [Read more...]

Richard Land scandal festering in Southern Baptist Convention

Travis Loller of the Associated Press follows up on the Richard Land scandal at the Southern Baptist Convention. When I say "scandal," of course, I don't mean that the SBC, or Land see it as such. They don't, and neither apparently do most white Southern Baptists or most white evangelicals, among whom Richard Land remains a respected and respectable member of the establishment. But when the chief "ethics" spokesman of the nation's largest Protestant denomination unloads a racist rant on … [Read more...]

Baptists, Southerners appalled by Richard Land

"Racialist-ist" Richard Land remains employed, and unchastened, as the official "ethics" spokesman for the Southern Baptist Convention. Robert Parham: "SBC Official's Radio Rant Advances No Moral Good" Whether one agrees or disagrees with the Sanford, Fla., police department's handling of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, what moral good is advanced by a Southern Baptist Convention official accusing black leaders of being "race hustlers" and President Obama of pouring "gasoline on the … [Read more...]

Richard Land still represents Southern Baptists on ‘ethics’

Q: Does spouting racist nonsense on your radio show disqualify you to be the chief "ethics" spokesman for the Southern Baptist Convention? A: Apparently not. At Nashville Scene, Betsy Phillips asks "Is Richard Land on Some Kind of Mission to Turn People Away From the Baptist Church?": The only people who use the term "racialist" are racists. If you're reading material talking about "racialist" stuff, hanging out with people talking about "racialist" things, you should know that's just a … [Read more...]

Seriously, Richard Land needs to be fired

Why hasn't the SBC fired this man yet?

Richard Land, "ethics" spokesman for the Southern Baptist Convention, is doubling-down on his claim that the Trayvon Martin case is being overplayed by "race hustlers." His phrase: "race hustlers." Who says that? I mean, besides white racists, is there anyone who says that? The Southern Baptist Convention needs to fire Richard Land. Yesterday. Or sooner. The problem with his remarks about the killing of Trayvon Martin, a black child gunned down with impunity more than a month ago in … [Read more...]