My ‘Chicago Declaration’ story


David Swartz has posted a nice tribute to John Perkins. The post is an excerpt from Swartz’s “Moral Minority,” a history of the “evangelical left” that focuses on the 1973 Chicago Declaration of Evangelical Social Concern. Here’s my story about the 1993 Chicago Declaration II, a story that also involves John Perkins (kind of). [Read more...]

Jim Wallis sounds an uncertain trumpet on marriage equality


When you don’t ask questions, you’re not leading. You’re following. When it comes to marriage equality, Jim Wallis still seems to be a follower. But at least now he’s following a better set of leaders. [Read more...]

Pulling a Lieberman

First let me say a word in praise and defense of my former boss, my professor, mentor and friend Ron Sider. I need to start off with this affirming word because by the end of this post — and in the one to follow — I’m afraid I’m going to have to be rather harshly [Read More...]