Here’s the tell: Hyde and Stupak

Here is President Barack Obama's executive order stating that the Hyde Amendment applies to the Affordable Care Act and that Denny Burk and Hobby Lobby are talking out of their backsides.

Hobby Lobby is not arguing that this supposedly onerous mandate should be illegal under the Hyde Amendment or under the executive order that expressly forbids the ACA from anything like an “abortion mandate.” Instead, Hobby Lobby is arguing only that it should be granted a religious exception to the rules requiring gender equality in insurance coverage for employees. That’s the tell. [Read more...]

Memory vs. Hobby Lobby: Evangelicals and contraception and why Denny Burk is not a conservative


This is a radical act, the act of remembering when the powers that be are telling you not to. Merritt remembers what evangelicals taught about contraception when she was a teenager and she remembers that it was the opposite of what evangelicals are teaching and saying and fighting legal battles over today. [Read more...]

Come down off the cross, Her.meneutics, we could use the wood


To invoke Stephen in the defense of some alleged Christian “right” to deny workers the health care they have earned is inexcusable. To presume you’re the heirs of Stephen because you’re fiercely defending the “religious liberty” to neglect the neglected isn’t just immoral, it’s biblically illiterate. [Read more...]

Mazes & Monsters and the BADD old days: I’m collecting stories of the backlash against Dungeons & Dragons


I want to hear from any of you who played Dungeons & Dragons or any other pencil-and-paper fantasy role-playing games back in the day. Specifically, I’m looking for stories of condemnation, consternation, opprobrium and sheer, unvarnished panic that you may have encountered during the height of the backlash against such games. [Read more...]

Why James Dobson is unable to speak of the actual murder of actual children


The incoherence of James Dobson’s statement comes from Dobson’s undeniable recognition that the Newtown massacre was far, far worse than any number of abortions. He knows that. He feels that. But Dobson has painted himself into an ethical and rhetorical corner and so he cannot allow himself to admit that. [Read more...]

Imaginary monsters: Why Bigfoot hunters are better people than Republican senators


I’m fascinated by UFOs, ghost-hunting, cryptozoology and all manner of paranormal phenomenon. Well, actually, that’s not quite right — I’m fascinated by the people who are fascinated by those things. [Read more...]

Lying for Jesus is wrong, even if you use a fancy word like ‘abortifacient’

Lies make baby Jesus cry.

My dear evangelical brothers and sisters, can we please stop lying for Jesus by saying that emergency contraception is “an abortifacient”? No matter how many times we repeat something that isn’t true, reality doesn’t change. And pretending something is evil just so we can bravely oppose it doesn’t actually make us brave. Or good. Or helpful. So let’s cut the crap, OK? [Read more...]

Evangelicals vs. Persons With Disabilities: The real dangers of fighting against imaginary monsters

Healing of the Paralytic Man Mark 2:1-5

Evangelicals led the fight to block the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disabilities. Because of abortion and the Antichrist. Did this treaty have anything at all to do with abortion or the Antichrist? No. Nothing at all to do with either of those, but American evangelicals aren’t going to let a little thing like reality get in the way of some oh-so-enjoyable self-righteous masturbation. [Read more...]