A very slightly less ‘fake’ argument from Mark Galli in Christianity Today


At Christianity Today, Mark Galli’s voice isn’t always this high-pitched. That’s just the Doppler effect on account of his back-tracking so fast from his earlier post attacking Jonathan Dudley for supposedly “fake history.” It’s only a half-baked correction, but at least Galli acknowledges that his earlier post was misleading twaddle. Galli’s latest is also misleading, but in a different way. [Read more...]

‘Baby-killers.’ It’s always ‘baby-killers.’


The inclination to accuse one’s opponents of being “baby-killers” does not arise from America’s abortion politics. America’s abortion politics arises from the inclination to accuse one’s opponents of being baby-killers. [Read more...]

Mark Galli of Christianity Today: ‘Another Fake …’


A fetus has great value, but a fetus is not the same as “a child” and a fetus is not the same as “a living person.” Christianity Today once published such views, but anyone who has the audacity to agree with them today, CT’s Mark Galli says, is promoting “fake history.” [Read more...]

‘If conservatives really believe in the evil of abortion, they are morally obligated to embrace a policy that stands to limit it so impressively’


Miller presents the compelling argument for contraception as the most effective approach to radically reducing the abortion rate. If that is the goal — as opponents of legal abortion claim — then the Affordable Care Act is a more effective means of achieving that goal than overturning Roe v. Wade would ever be. [Read more...]

No 5k for the biggest killer — so does anyone really believe it’s a killer?


Name a disease and there’s a charitable research foundation committed to finding a cure, and for just about every such foundation there’s a corresponding 5k race or walkathon, lemonade stand, bake sale, golf tournament, banquet, concert, gala or festival to raise funds. But for the biggest killer of them all, there’s nothing. [Read more...]

Montana is California’s route to the sea


Want to feel better about yourself? Pretend everyone else is a “Communist Nazi” baby-killer. There, now you’re better than everyone else. See how much easier that was than the hard work of being a decent person? [Read more...]

When you tell them you still got to sell them

"Too often, its leaders traffic in flatly untrue statements."

Christianity Today’s headline style is to capitalize all words. The headline style of the Baptist Press, on the other hand calls for them to capitalize only the first word, followed by lying nonsense pretending that contraception and abortion are the same thing. Yes, this contradicts scientific and medical fact and bears false witness against the HHS while gorging on the delusional, smug self-righteousness that comes from pretending everyone else is a Satanic baby-killer. But hey, that’s what the Baptist Press stylebook requires in a headline. [Read more...]

Evangelical tribalism: 3 more data points

Life inside the evangelical tribal bubble is a wondrous place. Come with me inside, through the un-looking glass, wherein we will learn that the oldest churches aren’t sufficiently traditional, that a 47-year-old white rapper is the pinnacle of Christian art since “Butterfly Kisses,” and that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are more authentically evangelical than [Read More...]