Satanic baby-killers have destroyed American Christianity

Pretend these dolls are human babies. Then pretend other people are evil and want to kill those babies. Keep doing this until you're so convinced of your own superior righteousness that you never need to love anyone to feel good about yourself.

“This woman right here? Believes in killing babies. That man believes in killing babies. That woman over there, that woman over there, that woman right there, that woman right there, believes in killing babies. That is against the law of God. … They want to kill babies.” [Read more...]

Sex abuse in the church: Demonizing the demonic at Charisma magazine


For Jennifer LeClaire and for Charisma, sexual abuse in the church and in religious institutions are due to a particular demonic spirit named Jezebel. Literally. Therefore, for LeClaire and for Charisma, the best response to such abuse is spiritual warfare, prayer and exorcism. [Read more...]

We won’t come back from Dead Man’s Curve

President Richard Nixon on "Laugh In."

Imagine a world in which the stuff Pat Robertson says was actually true. Galifianakisgate. The religious liberty to beat infants with wooden spoons. Religious right groups claim that Thin Mints, Do-si-dos are abortifacients. Mike Huckabee briefly stops slut-shaming in order to praise himself for being chivalrous. [Read more...]

Rewriting evangelical history, with special guest D.G. Hart

This "exotic" figure sold more books than all of the "normal" figures Hart mentions put together.

I wish that Hal Lindsey hadn’t convinced tens of millions of Christians that their faith was an otherworldly business that consisted of little more than sitting around waiting for the Rapture. I wish that Francis Schaeffer hadn’t transformed American evangelicalism into a movement that identifies itself as an anti-abortion Van Helsing chasing after Satanic baby-killers. But it would be dishonest to pretend, as D.G. Hart does, that their lamentably massive influence was of no real consequence. [Read more...]

A wise guy in the sky invites you to his guilty party

The perpetual catechizing by tribal gatekeepers; 2014 Pat Robertson denounces evil, socialist 2008 Pat Robertson; lots of free pizza in the pipeline for Fracksylvania; the twilight of the haters. [Read more...]

On my way to the promised land


Even by the loony, loopy standards of the anti-rock-preacher circuit, Sketch Erickson stood out. He was obsessed with Elvis — tracing all the evils in pop music, pop culture, and the entire world back to “Elvis. Aron. Presley.” He always said the name like that — first, middle, last, emphasizing each one. That serpent in the Garden of Eden with its sinuous hips? Elvis. Aron. Presley. [Read more...]

When we say that some white evangelical leaders are delusional and/or disingenuous political hacks, this is the kind of thing we’re talking about


White evangelicals may have adopted Republican politics as a core creedal dogma, but they insist that doesn’t make them right-wing ideologues and servants of the 1 percent and its machine. No, no, no, no, no — white evangelicals are simply faithful allies of that machine because liberals are baby killers and killing babies is wrong and supporting anything supported by baby killers must be wrong. Some fraction of the anti-abortion movement’s followers believe that. The most vocal leaders do not. Here’s proof. [Read more...]

7 @ 9: Florence and the machine


Blasphemy laws are being used for extortion because that’s what blasphemy laws are for. The “doctrine” of Hell is the worst imaginable slander against God. A positive step in Israel likely to cause religious right heads to explode in U.S. Sasheer Zamata is funny. Southern states determined to keep leading nation in unintended pregnancy. [Read more...]