We need the woods to be full of imaginary monsters


One solution would have been to repent — to advocate justice rather than opposing it. But white evangelicalism didn’t take that path. Instead, it struck upon an ingenious solution: If the key moral issues facing the culture make it clear that you’re on the wrong side, introduce a new moral issue on which you can be right while everybody else is wrong. [Read more...]

Witch-hunts are dangerous; witches are not

"Salem" debuts this month on the WGN network.

In the trailer for the new cable TV show “Salem,” one character says, “There is something worse than a witch hunt: A witch.” This is one of the deadliest lies ever told. Witch hunts and witch hunters are a deadly menace responsible for the deaths of uncountable innocents and the ruin of whole communities. There is nothing worse than a witch hunt. [Read more...]

Go and learn what this means: Lawful evil, chaotic good and B.A.D.D. theology


It says something about the sorry state of biblical understanding among biblical “inerrantists” that we were left to learn this from Gary Gygax rather than from Galatians, Isaiah, Amos or the Gospels. But once we learned it — once we came to see the possibility of it — then the whole ideology we’d been taught came into question. [Read more...]

The tribe has no right-wing boundary: Liberty University is not ‘controversial’


No matter what outrageous things these men say, and no matter how often those outrageous statements are repeated and endorsed by all those institutions, none of that will ever bring a shadow of “controversy” within the white evangelical tribe. They’re right-wing extremists, and the white evangelical tribe has no right wing boundary. [Read more...]

Satanic baby-killers have destroyed American Christianity

Pretend these dolls are human babies. Then pretend other people are evil and want to kill those babies. Keep doing this until you're so convinced of your own superior righteousness that you never need to love anyone to feel good about yourself.

“This woman right here? Believes in killing babies. That man believes in killing babies. That woman over there, that woman over there, that woman right there, that woman right there, believes in killing babies. That is against the law of God. … They want to kill babies.” [Read more...]

Sex abuse in the church: Demonizing the demonic at Charisma magazine


For Jennifer LeClaire and for Charisma, sexual abuse in the church and in religious institutions are due to a particular demonic spirit named Jezebel. Literally. Therefore, for LeClaire and for Charisma, the best response to such abuse is spiritual warfare, prayer and exorcism. [Read more...]

We won’t come back from Dead Man’s Curve

President Richard Nixon on "Laugh In."

Imagine a world in which the stuff Pat Robertson says was actually true. Galifianakisgate. The religious liberty to beat infants with wooden spoons. Religious right groups claim that Thin Mints, Do-si-dos are abortifacients. Mike Huckabee briefly stops slut-shaming in order to praise himself for being chivalrous. [Read more...]

Rewriting evangelical history, with special guest D.G. Hart

This "exotic" figure sold more books than all of the "normal" figures Hart mentions put together.

I wish that Hal Lindsey hadn’t convinced tens of millions of Christians that their faith was an otherworldly business that consisted of little more than sitting around waiting for the Rapture. I wish that Francis Schaeffer hadn’t transformed American evangelicalism into a movement that identifies itself as an anti-abortion Van Helsing chasing after Satanic baby-killers. But it would be dishonest to pretend, as D.G. Hart does, that their lamentably massive influence was of no real consequence. [Read more...]