James Dobson just not putting much effort into perfunctory lies


Here's a disappointing recent statement from Focus on the Family founder James Dobson: I have not had this confirmed, but a physician told me last week that Congress recently passed a law that has been signed by the president that would make it illegal to give people over 70 years of age stents for their heart. Which means you're going to let them die. I don't know for sure if that's true, but that's the kind of thing that is coming. In any competition between the young and the old, guess who … [Read more...]

Evangelical men need to stop lying about women’s health


This is the website for Refuge, a UK agency "For women and children, Against domestic violence."Refuge runs a national helpline for women being beaten by men. They also provide shelters, psychological support for victims, legal advocacy and legal services. These are Good Things.To attack groups like Refuge, spreading lies about them, is to take the side of abusers and wife-beaters and thugs. This is a Bad Thing. Don't do this.Refuge also produces PSAs -- advertisements urging the … [Read more...]

Here’s the tell: Hyde and Stupak

Here is President Barack Obama's executive order stating that the Hyde Amendment applies to the Affordable Care Act and that Denny Burk and Hobby Lobby are talking out of their backsides.

This is the tell -- this is how we know that Hobby Lobby's claims that "the government is forcing pro-life business owners to pay for chemical abortions" is a disingenuous, steaming pile of nonsense: Hyde and Stupak.The Hyde Amendment is a longstanding federal law prohibiting federal funding for abortion. It has been in place since 1976, meaning that for more than three decades it has been illegal for the federal government to fund abortion services.Most people in the anti-abortion … [Read more...]

Memory vs. Hobby Lobby: Evangelicals and contraception and why Denny Burk is not a conservative


In a post discussing her "Religious hopes for 2013," Carol Howard Merritt struggles to reconcile what white evangelicals are saying today about contraception with what they were saying until just a few years ago: Growing up as a teen in a conservative Christian culture, I read Passion and Purity. I was advised to take the pill for medical reasons and refused because I thought it would make sex more tempting. I also thought that using a condom would be like premeditated sin, because you would … [Read more...]

Come down off the cross, Her.meneutics, we could use the wood


At Christianity Today's Her.meneutics blog, Karen Swallow Prior isn't going to let facts, reason, fairness, accuracy or biology interfere with her deep desire to indulge in the luxuriant pleasures of imagined martyrdom.Martyr is her word, invoked in her over-the-top first paragraph, which sets the tone for the wild excesses of self-pleasuring that follow: December 26 was a fitting day for Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor to refuse judicial relief to the Hobby Lobby craft store chain, … [Read more...]

Mazes & Monsters and the BADD old days: I’m collecting stories of the backlash against Dungeons & Dragons


I'm collecting stories. I want to hear from any of you who played Dungeons & Dragons or any other pencil-and-paper fantasy role-playing games back in the day.Specifically, I'm looking for stories of condemnation, consternation, opprobrium and sheer, unvarnished panic that you may have encountered during the height of the backlash against such games. Anything related to the Satanic panic, BADD, Mazes & Monsters, or to any of the myriad fundamentalist urban legends involving dark … [Read more...]

Why James Dobson is unable to speak of the actual murder of actual children


Dr. James Dobson is a popular, influential and revered evangelical author, radio host and political activist.On his radio program Monday, Dobson offered his explanation for the massacre Friday at a Connecticut elementary school: Our country really does seem in complete disarray. I’m not talking politically, I’m not talking about the result of the November 6 election; I am saying that something has gone wrong in America and that we have turned our back on God.I mean millions of people hav … [Read more...]

Imaginary monsters: Why Bigfoot hunters are better people than Republican senators


I'm fascinated by UFOs, ghost-hunting, cryptozoology and all manner of paranormal phenomenon.Well, actually, that's not quite right -- I'm fascinated by the people who are fascinated by those things.That's why I enjoyed Scott Poole's Monsters in America: Our Historical Obsession with the Hideous and the Haunting, and why I'm intrigued by Gregory L. Reece's Creatures of the Night. And it's why I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of Syracuse University's upcoming Religion Department … [Read more...]