David Barton is a terrible liar, but he’s still a very popular DM

Creative Commons photo by Moroboshi via Wikimedia.

But here’s the very very important thing to understand: David Barton doesn’t think he is fooling anybody. He tells lies, but those lies are not intended to deceive his audience or to trick his fans into believing that something false is actually true. They all know it’s a lie. [Read more...]

And all his works and pomps

Fran Keller

According to the National Center for Reason and Justice, Francis Keller has been released from a Texas prison. Since 1993, Keller has been serving a 48-year sentence for a crime that she did not commit. Worse than that, she has spent the past 20 years in prison for a crime that never happened. [Read more...]

‘Hell House,’ abortion, and the mute zombie children of Heaven


New Destiny’s abortion mythology posits that every fertilized egg is a fully human person, and also that every fertilized egg that dies before reaching an “age of accountability” ascends to Heaven. That presents an unnerving picture of Heaven. [Read more...]

Satanists did not kill pony or turn woman into lesbian


“Initial media reports linked the death of the pony to satanic cults and ritualistic killing,” the police said in a statement. “The police have sought the advice of experts and have come to the view that the death of this pony was through natural causes. All the injuries can be attributed to those caused by other wild animals. This incident received significant media reporting, some of which was clearly sensationalist.” [Read more...]

Manufacturing monsters: When you know you’re lying, you know you’re wrong


C.S. Lewis warns against the lure of wanting to view those we think of as bad as even worse than they are. That desire is part of the story Doktor Zoom shares there. Exactly the thing that Lewis describes is what makes the audience for Fox News and Bryan Fischer so eager to swallow their mendacious selective editing. It’s what makes them actively refuse to question even the most obviously dubious claims about those they are predisposed to dislike. [Read more...]

Rep. Paul Wieland of Missouri is lying

There's a difference between a person of conscience and a person who will do and say anything to pretend to be a person of conscience.

Wieland claims that his conscience is grievously mortified because of X. This isn’t a lie because X happens not to be real. This is a lie because Wieland doesn’t care whether or not X is real. If he really believed what he claims to believe, he would have to be very interested in that. If his conscience were truly involved in this, then that conscience would compel him, require him, force him to go and examine the evidence that he is steadfastly, actively refusing to look at. [Read more...]

2. ‘The Conjuring’ reminds us that the only way to stop Satanic baby-killers is to punish women


The Warrens’ shtick is a Gothic Catholic variation of the same con Mike Warnke and Bob Larson have long used to fleece evangelical Protestants with a propensity for “spiritual warfare” ideology. This racket is contemptible at just the basic level of any con that preys on gullibility and fear to separate vulnerable people from their money. But it’s also far worse than that, because it reinforces the very worst impulses of its audience, fueling a hate-filled, self-righteous crusader mentality. [Read more...]

1. ‘The Amityville Horror’ is not based on a true story

"The Amityville Horror: A True Story" is not a true story.

I’m sorry if that disappoints anyone, but we’re not free to change what is or is not true based only on what we find to be disappointing. It’s also a bit odd that anyone would be disappointed to learn that a “horror” is not real. That’s like having a horrifying nightmare and then waking up disappointed to realize it was only a dream. You’re not supposed to be disappointed when you wake from a nightmare, you’re supposed to be relieved. [Read more...]