Montana is California’s route to the sea


Dawn Duncan Harrell: The problem is that we project our own definition of stupid, bad, evil, and satanic onto our Other (1 John 1:8). Then we can define ourselves as the opposite — smart, good, righteous, and godly — but within this tidy little package, we’ve created Satan in our own image (Rom 2:1). Pro-life protesters: Pro-life protesters in Chicago’s Daley Plaza on Saturday said that abortion was “worse than Hitler” and that President Barack Obama was a “Communist … [Read more...]

When you tell them you still got to sell them

"Too often, its leaders traffic in flatly untrue statements."

See if you can spot the subtle difference between these two headlines. First, there's this one from Christianity Today: "Bible Publisher Tyndale Files Lawsuit Against HHS Contraceptive Mandate" And then there's this one from Baptist Press: "Bible publisher Tyndale files suit against abortion mandate" Did you spot the subtle difference? That's right, Christianity Today's headline style is to capitalize all words. The headline style of the Baptist Press, on the other hand … [Read more...]

Evangelical tribalism: 3 more data points

Life inside the evangelical tribal bubble is a wondrous place. Come with me inside, through the un-looking glass, wherein we will learn that the oldest churches aren't sufficiently traditional, that a 47-year-old white rapper is the pinnacle of Christian art since "Butterfly Kisses," and that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are more authentically evangelical than T.D. Jakes. 1. Fuller Seminary's Burner blog redefines "traditional" and "conservative" Here's a snippet of the Burner's review of … [Read more...]

Rep. Todd Akin exposes the horrific immorality of moralism

"If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down," said Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo.

This post is about a tea-party Republican politician's understanding of sex, morality and rape. So consider that a trigger warning for anyone who views the first two as Good Things and the last one as a horrific crime (this guy disagrees on all three counts). Evan McMorris-Santoro of Talking Points Memo seems to have had this story first, "Republican Senate Nominee: Victims of 'Legitimate Rape' Don't Get Pregnant": Rep. Todd Akin, the Republican nominee for Senate in Missouri who is running … [Read more...]

An invitation to participate in a community of deception

Recently in comments, we were invited to participate in a community of deception. The entry-point was a false statement: The healthcare mandate that passed and went into effect on August 1st does in fact compel abortion funding. This is not true. This is not arguably true. It is not ambiguous. It's simply a false statement and a false statement that it is easy to confirm as false. The insurance mandate that went into effect on Aug. 1 covers preventive-care provisions and only … [Read more...]

Battling imaginary Satanic baby-killers in Utah and Ohio

This is a disingenuous diatribe against Satanic baby-killers that exist only as an urban legend. And so is this. Here, again, is self-proclaimed "authority on Satanists," Judy Byington: Secret ceremonies in which malevolent men and women cloaked in hooded robes, hiding behind painted faces and chanting demonic incantations while inflicting sadistic wounds on innocent children lying on makeshift altars, or tied to inverted crosses, sounds like the stuff of which B-grade horror movies are … [Read more...]

Utah charlatan attempts to revive Satanic panic


I recently quoted from Mere Christianity, a passage in which C.S. Lewis warns against seeking "the sheer pleasure of thinking your enemies are as bad as possible." That temptation, Lewis says, is "the first step in a process which, if followed to the end, will make us into devils." That's how it works. We can seek good and seek to do good. Or instead we can seek to feel good by reassuring ourselves that at least we're better than others. And the worse we make those others out to be, the … [Read more...]

Wheaton College, C.S. Lewis & Bad Jackie: On preferring the nightmare to reality

One unappealing possibility is that Philip Ryken, president of Wheaton College, is making his clumsy debut as a culture-warrior because he is nothing more than a lying hack. I hope that isn't the case. I hope he is not simply posturing about Satanic baby-killers to stroke his own pride or to feed his addiction to self-righteous indignation or in a grasping attempt for political influence. That would explain why Ryken is publicly saying untrue things about emergency contraception, but it's … [Read more...]