I see the skull beneath the skin

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Pacifists still have to pay for bullets, but they're allowed to discriminate against LGBT students. Profiles of two delusional nativists. Why some Christian colleges refuse to be trustworthy. Plus Johnny Cash proclaims woe unto the rich, Junia is a little less alone, dubious decor from Sears, and, oh, also too, the excerpt function on WordPress still isn't working on my front page.• The Friends have been seeking a religious exemption from war taxes since the days of colonial Governor William … [Read more...]

Anti-abortion activist says Obama’s presidential library will be just like Heaven


Michael Bresciani is not a major influential voice within the teavangelical right, let alone within America as a whole. But this back-bench blogger for The Christian Post recently stumbled onto a statement that I think explains far more than he intended about the imaginary world inhabited by folks like him and the millions of other angry white evangelicals he's trying to reach."Michael Bresciani Says the 'Ghosts of Millions of Aborted Children' Will Haunt Obama's Presidential Library," Brian … [Read more...]

Creationist counterfeit teams up with genuine Neo-Confederate


Michael Peroutka is a "proud member" of the League of the South -- a man who harks back to a simpler, old-fashioned era of treason, slavery, theft, rape, torture, concubinage and the selling of human flesh.Peroutka also dislikes evolutionary science, which he regards as immoral.That's why Michael Peroutka is a big supporter and contributor to Ken Ham's Creation Museum -- to which he recently donated a gorgeous, largely complete allosaur skeleton worth more than $1 million.So, wait -- … [Read more...]

Young-Earth creationism and the problem of telescopes (part 2)


Broadly speaking, young-Earth creationists offer four different versions of that mumbling reply to the problem of telescopes. They're worth looking at, briefly, because each reveals something about the character of these folks and of their ideology.1. Deny, deny, deny.If the vast distances of space are a visible rebuttal of creationist claims about the age of the universe, then the simplest thing for creationists to do is to deny that such vast distances exist. If just looking up at the … [Read more...]

Young-Earth creationism and the light of distant stars


Go outside and look up at the sky. Wait, is it day or night? Should've asked that first.If it's daytime, you should see a big fiery yellow ball. That's the sun. Or, rather, that's the sun eight minutes ago. You can't actually see the sun as it is right this very instant because it's 93 million or so miles away, so it takes the light from the sun eight minutes to reach us here on Earth. So when we look at the sun, then (don't stare at it directly) we're not seeing the sun as it is now, but as … [Read more...]

Science for non-scientists open thread — primordial which?


Monday was a big day science-wise.Phil Plait takes a shot at summarizing the big news in one sentence: "Astronomers have announced that they have seen, for the first time, direct evidence of 'inflation' in the extremely early Universe, unlocking an entire chapter in the history of the cosmos."Plait is good at writing about science for a non-scientist audience, so he realizes right away that that's not really very clear for those of us who aren't already up-to-speed on this stuff. Like, OK … [Read more...]

Bible secrets concealed: How lying is mandatory for white evangelical institutions (part 2)


I learned a couple of important things when I took pre-med biology my freshman year of college. I learned that I didn't want to be a doctor (sorry, Mom). And I learned that the science of evolution is true and beautiful and good, and nothing like the menace to my faith that I'd been warned against growing up attending a fundamentalist church and private school.I went to an evangelical Christian college, but my alma mater -- Eastern University, near Philadelphia -- is forthright about the … [Read more...]

Misstatements of faith: How lying is mandatory for white evangelical institutions (part 1)


Peter Enns has a pretty terrific rant in response to the latest effort by Southern evangelical Bryan College to ensure that its biology students aren't allowed to learn biology and that its biblical studies students aren't allowed to learn biblical studies.This is, as Enns says, a tiresome story. The Dayton, Tenn., school is an accredited undergraduate program. For $28,750, you can enroll there as a student and you can study science. But if you study science at Bryan College, you will be … [Read more...]