Why Millennials are leaving the church


Very often, it’s because the church lied to them. Specifically, it’s often because the church lied to them about the age of the Earth. [Read more...]

Ignorance loves company: Four examples

Ignorance loves company. The truly stupid resent those who are not and won’t be satisfied until they’ve burned all the books, torn down the libraries, closed the universities, and made it impossible for anyone else not to share their own proud ignorance. [Read more...]

Senators clarify the terms of the disagreement

With Hollywood's wizardry and George Soros' money behind it, the special effects making the climate-change hoax look real have been especially convincing. (Getty Images photo of a drought-stricken field in Illinois by Scott Olson.)

We can all get along. We can all agree that one side of this issue involves a realistic assessment of the evidence and the other side involves a delusional fantasy based on some perverse need to assert the absolute worst about others. Maybe we can’t agree on which side is which, but at least we can agree that this is the shape of the disagreement. [Read more...]

Mourning with those who mourn

Is insulin just a crutch that Christians use to cope with diabetes instead of relying on Jesus?

No pious jackasses sit around pondering “Should Christians Take Insulin?” No insufferably holier-than-thou idiots pretend it would be deeply spiritual if they said, “Rattlesnake anti-venom can help, but it can also hinder our reliance on Christ.” Yet when it comes to any kind of mental illness, evangelical Christians suddenly turn into Christian Scientists or Scientologists — preferring “spiritual” treatments over medicine. [Read more...]

7 things that are older than Ken Ham’s universe


Young-earth creationists say that the universe is 6,000 years old. Scientists say the universe is around 14 billion years old. Young-earth creationists say this is because scientists are part of a vast, nefarious conspiracy designed to cast doubt on the literal words of a literal Bible by the evil practice of measuring and counting things. [Read more...]

Happy Valentine’s Day … science!


Some science-y notes and links, including: Canadians in space; everybody else still way ahead at off-shore wind; life in unlikely places; very dedicated entomologists; Steven Chu’s scandal; myths and presumptions about obesity; “the utterly bizarre penis of the American alligator;” and an arachnophobe’s worst nightmare in Brazil. [Read more...]

Geocentrism and a historical Adam


This is a fact: the geocentric model of the universe is not true. That fact must inform our choice between the two possible readings of those potentially geocentrist biblical passages. Yes, one way to read those passages suggests a geocentrist teaching. But another way to read those passages does not. Given that geocentrism is, in fact, not true, it makes more sense to prefer the non-geocentrist reading. [Read more...]

A tolerable response to intolerable sophistry

Screenshot 2013-01-30 at 12.58.19 AM

The semantic game of immovable object vs. unstoppable force is intended to be just that, a game — an impish bit of wordplay that most people recognize is not an actual attempt to say anything meaningful about anything real. The sad thing about the “I demand you tolerate my intolerance!” harrumphing is that those folks don’t seem to realize that what they’re saying is just a semantic game. [Read more...]