Smart people saying smart things (1.21)

Ursula K. LeGuin reminds her local paper that public land belongs to the public. Maria Konnikova on why we fall for con games. Woody Guthrie on that racist New York slumlord Old Man Trump. And Carol Howard Merritt on the wage gap in the church. [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things (1.10)

Tim Cunningham on the people who kept you from getting Ebola. Larry R. Morrison on the invention of the slave-owners’ doctrine of “biblical inerrancy.” And more smart things from Fredrick Robinson, Cynthia Meyer, and Musa Okwonga. [Read more...]

More on Wheaton, aka, ‘the white evangelical Faber’

Insightful commentary from theologians Miroslav Volf and J.R. Daniel Kirk, Paul Moses of “Commonweal,” Wheaton alumnus Marty Troyer, and from the other Wheaton College — the one in Massachusetts that didn’t hire a bunch of anti-Muslim bigots as administrators. [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things (11.20)

The Economist explains why the investigation and screening that already occurs makes it the least likely route for potential terrorists to try to enter the U.S. Dahlia Lithwick, Laurel Reiman Henneman, and George Takei on the disgraceful history of American concentration camps and the awful Supreme Court validation of them. And Adam Kotsko on the only kind of logic that can lead to this irrational, heartless, fearful politics (Hint: It’s racism). [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things (11.3)


Digby on David Barton’s growing influence in the Republican Party. Rick Pearlstein and Brad DeLong have more to say about the current state of the GOP. The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry states it plain. And Samantha Field on turning away from lies she’d been taught. [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things (10.29)

Smart thoughts from Richard Beck, Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Marilynne Robinson, and Mikey Dickerson. [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things (10.15)

Dahlia Lithwick on “Carly Fiorina’s Big Lie.” Therese Oneill looks at “the terrifying medical logic of 18th-century law.” Kate Botkin and Kathy Khang respond to a pair of prominent white Christian racists. And Edmund Waldstein discusses how usury fuels “the psychology of the conquistadors.” [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things (9.21)

GOP analyst Steve Schmidt analyzes the GOP. Amy Davidson on the right’s backwards Dred Scott analogies. Reggie L. Williams on the whiteness of American theology. Benjamin Park on Kim Davis’ Christian nationalism. And the New England Journal of Medicine on Planned Parenthood. [Read more...]