Always Submit to the Church Administration


The cult-like Church of Christ (the other one) has produced a video that manages the tricky feat of being simultaneously charming and creepy as hell. The kids are adorable, the message is ghastly. It’s not hard to find this kind of theology in places like, say, Charismanews, but I’ll never understand why such bonkers heresies continue to be described as theologically “conservative.” Anyway, I’d really like someone to do a punk version of this song. Please. [Read more...]

Slaves in the hands of an angry white God


The New York Conspiracy of 1741 probably wasn’t a conspiracy at all. While there’s little evidence to suggest that any significant “slave revolt” had been planned, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that white New Yorkers lost their collective minds in a fearful frenzy that led to 18 hangings and 13 people being burned at the stake in the streets of Manhattan. [Read more...]

Wheaton College and creationism (part 2)

Image via Wikipedia of "The earliest portrait of Saint Augustine in a 6th century fresco, Lateran, Rome."

“We should not rush in headlong and so firmly take our stand on one side that, if further progress in the search of truth justly undermines this position, we too fall with it. That would be to battle not for the teaching of Holy Scripture but for our own, wishing its teaching to conform to ours, whereas we ought to wish ours to conform to that of Sacred Scripture.” [Read more...]

Welcome J.R. Daniel Kirk to Patheos

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Theologian J.R. Daniel Kirk’s terrific Storied Theology blog is now part of the line-up on Patheos’ progressive Christian channel. Writing that sentence makes me smile. [Read more...]

The faithless promises of God’s covenants and evangelical tenure


This is not a minor problem. It’s a huge theological mistake with implications that pervade just about every aspect of Christian teaching. When you’re stating that Jews and Christians do not “worship the same God” — which is what Wheaton’s leaders are implying and what many of their #ThankYouWheaton supporters are explicitly stating — you’re doing Very Bad Theology that has a long track record of leading to Very Bad Things in history. [Read more...]

Epiphany: Jesus wept


But also — and here’s a wonderful part of the story we too often forget — the epiphany that unfolds from this freaky incarnation works both ways. If the person and the life of Jesus Christ taught us humans everything we need to know about God, that life also taught God what it is like to be one of us. [Read more...]

Do white evangelicals and Jews ‘worship the same God’?

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However they got there, and whatever it is they think they mean, this is a Very Bad thing, Nothing good has ever come from Christians asserting that they and Jews worship different gods. This is an ideology that has fueled centuries of oppression, injustice and bloodshed — including the monstrous genocide of the 20th century. This notion also has far-reaching implications for Christians themselves, including the basic assertion that God is untrustworthy. [Read more...]

That time when five women sued God and won


Everybody is familiar with the story of Noah in the Bible, but many people don’t seem to realize that the Bible actually gives us two Noahs — two different stories about two very different people named Noah. That’s odd, in part, because the story of the other Noah appears three times. And because it’s a way better story. [Read more...]