‘Statements of faith’ are really long creeds for the anti-creedal

Christian Piatt discusses “The Fallacy of Statements of Faith“: A while back, I was applying for an editing job with a fairly prominent Christian media company, and in the application process, I was asked to sign a statement of faith. For those unfamiliar, this is a list of things that the organization in question claims [Read More...]

Never Have I Ever, Leviticus edition

Tad’s Happy Funtime scores himself against the list of “76 Things Banned in Leviticus.” Seeing them all listed out like that does seem to invite a marathon game of “I Never.” (Or, depending on regional variations in college drinking games, “Never Have I Ever.”) But seeing them all listed out like that also invites a [Read More...]

Hardcore Reformed theology from Jake VanDorn

One of my favorite movie moments was finally posted as a clip on YouTube: That’s George C. Scott and Season Hubley in the 1979 movie Hardcore, written and directed by Paul Schrader. And the scene really does, as the title of the YouTube posting says, describe “Calvinism in Three Minutes” — sadly cutting off just [Read More...]

On evangelism: Hattie Durham, the Demon Deacon and loving your neighbor

This started as a footnote to today’s Left Behind post, which touches on the horrible way the heroes of those books treat poor Hattie Durham. The way Rayford and Buck treat Hattie reminds me a bit of the way David Wright and a pair of SportsCenter hosts treat the sad Wake Forest mascot in this [Read More...]

The evangelical bubble cannot be sustained (part 2)

A standard line of argument for sex education says that if young people aren’t taught the actual facts of the facts of life, then they’ll just wind up learning about it “on the streets.” The idea there is that kids want the truth and they need and deserve to hear it. The desire to protect [Read More...]

The evangelical bubble cannot be sustained (part 1)

The following unrelated items are not unrelated: 1. Latebloomer, who writes at Past Tense, Present Progressive, tells a familiar story about being an inquisitive kid in the insular world of American fundamentalist Christianity: I was in the middle of writing a homeschool high school essay called “Why I Believe What I Believe,” and one of [Read More...]

I’m looking through you

She sees colors that you can't even imagine.

I enjoyed this trippy, riffing and rambling reflection from John Van Sloten at Think Christian: “Spiritual perception and the science of color.” It’s half sermon illustration, half stoner epiphany. I probably enjoyed the stoner-ish aspects more, but Von Slaten’s sermon ain’t bad either. He writes: Dogs are bi-chromates, meaning their eyes have two cones enabling [Read More...]

Team Hell gets loud

The evangelical blog world seems all atwitter over a forthcoming book by Rob Bell, pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Mich. The book's title, "Love Wins," is apparently regarded by many American evangelicals as an astonishingly heretical and controversial claim. Love wins? How dare anyone suggest such a thing? Even more controversial [Read More...]