The Power of Gay is more than more than conquerors


The Power of Gayness is more powerful than death. It is more powerful than life. It is more powerful than angels, rulers, things present or things to come. It is more powerful than powers — more powerful than height, and depth, and everything in all creation. That’s what a lot of Christians keep telling me, anyway, because they keep saying that just being gay or lesbian, bisexual or transgender, somehow separates people from the love of God. [Read more...]

Hic Sunt Dracones


We can make maps today that are clearer, more accurate and more complete than this old globe, but we do so mindful that 500 years from now, our best efforts may appear as sketchy as this beautifully carved artifact from 1504. We go about our learning mindful that our best knowledge may, someday, be improved upon in ways we cannot imagine by people with resources we cannot imagine that will enable them to see further and clearer and deeper than we are able to see now. [Read more...]

The theology of assholes: More on ‘the insolent and sicklily squeamish mind’ of The Gospel Coalition


Everybody has one. I have one. So do you. So’s your mother. Jesus had one. Adam and Eve both had them, even before the Fall. God made them. And “God saw everything that God had made, and indeed, it was very good.” So if you’re skeeved out by the existence of assholes — if you wish you didn’t have one, or if you wish that other people didn’t have them — then you’ve wandered into the realm of Bad Theology. [Read more...]

Why milllennialism is misleading the church


Don’t get me wrong — I think post-millennialism is a flawed theology. But if the Second Coming of Jesus is going to influence how Christians respond to injustice, I don’t want to hear us invoking pre-millennialist pessimism and saying that “Some things are not going to change until Jesus comes.” If that’s the only other option, then I’d prefer the post-millennial view: “Jesus isn’t going to come until some things change.” [Read more...]

Fanon and canon: ‘Harmonizing’ away the Bible

This scene has absolutely nothing to do with the story in Genesis 1.

Right off the bat, then, we have a choice to make. We can choose to accept that this apparent variation is a feature of the book(s) we are reading, and we can then go about trying to learn what such variation has to teach us. Or we can choose to say that this appearance of variation is a problem that must be solved, and we can then go about trying to explain away every such apparent instance of variety, dispute or diversity within the canon in order to buttress our notion that it serves as a clear, simple, unequivocal and univocal authority that can be cited chapter-and-verse to settle all disputes and answer all questions. [Read more...]

How frail a foundation, ye saints of the Lord


If Jesus is the basis for your faith, then your “approach to authority” and “the way in which you read the Bible” can be completely disassembled without you having to “kick your entire faith out the door.” In fact, if Jesus is the center of your faith, then you’re probably going to have to regularly and repeatedly “completely disassemble” your ideas about authority and the way in which you read the Bible. Your faith will require you to do that. Constantly. [Read more...]

The doctrine of the Trinity … it’s a trap!


I probably fall into one of the countless categories of trinitarian heresies. Since almost everyone does, I’ve come to suspect that this is a feature, not a bug, of the doctrine of the Trinity. It’s a trap — an efficient machine for assigning and designating heresies. [Read more...]

If this is a joke, it’s a very elaborate joke


If this is a joke, it’s an incredibly elaborate joke — a hoax perpetrated by a comic genius who finds Christopher Guest’s troupe insufficiently subtle. Which is to say that I’m afraid this is not meant as a joke. Which is to say that I think it is a joke, but that JD Hall doesn’t realize that. He’s not Christopher Guest, he’s Corky St. Clair. [Read more...]