‘May it never be said … that we merely stood by’


“Since we acknowledge that we have, literally, the power to person-each-other into love — that is, into relationship — we can also acknowledge our power to obliterate dignity, respect, care, and concern for humanity from our world. All of that is within our power.” [Read more...]

Soul freedom, Baptist baptism, and the knowledge of good and evil


James McGrath responds to Jim West’s attempt to play Baptist Enforcer, pointing out that Baptists, by definition, do not and cannot have enforcers. Pretty much the only way to break the rules as a Baptist is to try to enforce them on others. [Read more...]

Does the Universe Have a Purpose? Your vote counts

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We have a say in this. We cannot consider the question “Does the Universe Have a Purpose?” without considering the sub-question “Do I Have a Purpose?” or even the sub-question to that, “Do I Want to Have a Purpose?” Answering “Yes” to that third question means answering “Yes” to the second. And that means — even if only in a very tiny, tiny way — answering “Yes” to the first. [Read more...]

#progGOD: Incarnation and the problem with Aslan


Aslan doesn’t really work as a Jesus figure. The Pevensies may be the sons of Adam and daughters of Eve, but Aslan is not. Narnia, in other words, is an allegory that lacks incarnation. And you can’t have a Christ figure without incarnation. [Read more...]

#progGOD: Why an incarnation?


The creator of ostriches and sea monsters and the horsehead nebula is simply beyond us, beyond our ability to grasp or apprehend. But a person — a human being just like us — that we can understand and relate to and comprehend. Maybe we’ll never be able to understand everything there is to know about God, but maybe we could be shown everything we need to know. [Read more...]

Rolling Jubilee: Proclaim Liberty Throughout all the Land


The Rolling Jubilee is a little picture of the divine economy, leveraging liberation for people enslaved by debts they can never repay. The project “buys debt for pennies on the dollar, but instead of collecting it, abolishes it.” And the destitute hear good news. [Read more...]

Obama and the ‘social justice tradition’ of American Christianity

Image via The Niebuhr Society.

Scot McKnight on the difference between the white Social Gospel and the social justice tradition of the black church: “A theology done from the oppressed and for the oppressed is not the same as a theology done from the position of power and privilege.” [Read more...]

The meaning of human suffering is not The Meaning of Human Suffering

The Fifth Station: Fire Capt. Chris Fields cradles Baylee Almon on April 19, 1995, in Oklahoma City. Photo by Charles Porter.

Human suffering is not primarily a metaphysical problem. It is also that, and such metaphysical conundrums are immensely important in many ways. But these philosophical and theological dilemmas are always secondary. Hunger, for example, is not a metaphysical problem. The meaning of hunger is not to be found in theodicy or philosophy or mysticism. The meaning of hunger is to be fed. [Read more...]