Ninevites are not ‘God’s children’

"Jesus loves [some of] the little children, [some of] the children of the world ..."

“And should I not be concerned about Nineveh, that great city, in which there are more than 120,000 people who do not know their right hand from their left, and also many animals?” [Read more...]

The evangelical-mainline shell-game

Photo by ForestWander via Wikimedia.

Ellen Painter Dollar extends an invitation to young evangelicals exhausted and frustrated by their community: While I am sympathetic to those who wish to bring reforms, of feminist and other natures, to the evangelical movement, I also want to remind those who are fed up with how women and their voices are welcomed (or not) [Read More...]

Calvinists, Arminians, atheists and other sub-categories of non-Sheilaism


“Does God Play Duck-Duck-Goose?” Richard Beck asks, critiquing the Calvinist doctrine of “double predestination.” That’s the idea that “before you were even born, God had predestined you to either go to heaven or go to hell.” Beck notes that: Double predestination has been roundly criticized, even within Reformed circles. But many people do subscribe to [Read More...]

The Committee will see you now


This photograph of Paul Tillich, Reinhold Niebuhr and Henry Pitney Van Dusen (which I’ve seen credited to Gjon Mili of Time) seemed irresistible to me. Think you can do better. Well, I think you can. I’m sure of it. So here’s the template, if you’re tempted. [Read more...]

Sex and theology

One of the massive and ongoing projects in Christian theology is the filtering out of all the Neo-Platonism we’ve been ingesting ever since St. Augustine spiked the punch bowl with that stuff. Intrepid blogger Dianna Anderson tackles a smaller, but similar project — trying to explain to American evangelicals that C.S. Lewis’ pervasive Platonism isn’t [Read More...]

Religious right pretends that Obama has a ‘God-talk’ problem

So here’s a common urban legend on the religious right, stated here by Phyllis Schlafly: Every time [President Obama] recites the Declaration of Independence, he omits the word “Creator.” Now we all know what’s in the Declaration and it’s very strange, you can’t blame it on a slip of the tongue or blame it on [Read More...]

Re: The ToJo God-blogging challenge

Tony Jones taps his foot impatiently, muttering that much of the response to his challenge, thus far, has been “throat-clearing” and “prolegomena.” And he grumbles that “poetry is something of a cop-out.” That’s a fair cop w/r/t the two posts I’ve written subsequent to his challenge and explicitly in response to them. But it also [Read More...]

God, Part 2: The problem with pronouns


(This is the second piece of my response to Tony Jones’ “Challenge to Progressive Theo-bloggers.” The first piece is here.) Whenever possible, I try to avoid gendered pronouns for God. Admittedly, this can sometimes make for clumsy syntax, but that clumsiness is a feature, not a bug. Because the main point of this exercise is [Read More...]