The Chik-fil-A Flustercluck: What’s Next?

For all the buzz about “boycotting” Chik-fil-A, we haven’t really seen anything that formally organized yet. Basically, thus far, what we’ve seen is a big corporation telling part of the public that “We don’t want your money here,” and that part of the public unsurprisingly responding “OK, then, you can’t have it.” This latest corporate [Read More...]

Cricket. Cricket. Tumbleweed.

It's extremely unlikely that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder reads this blog, but yesterday he came to exactly the sort of realization we were discussing in the previous post. Finding himself in a position of having to defend an absurd stance, he chose instead to stop, turn around and start over anew. And so yesterday [Read More...]

Insincere bigotry

The Liar Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council, appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday morning. I refer to the Liar Tony Perkins as “the Liar Tony Perkins” because the Liar Tony Perkins lies. A lot. He lies professionally in order to convince the fearfully credulous to send him more money. And [Read More...]

Tony Perkins' genital politics

So back on Wednesday the House of Representatives passed the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, approving funding for the State Department and the Peace Corps for another two years. The official summary for H.R. 2410 reads: To authorize appropriations for the Department of State and the Peace Corps for fiscal years 2010 and 2011, to modernize [Read More...]

Nope, still a bigot

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council takes a break from denying what scientists say about climate change in order to deny what scientists say about human sexuality. And what humans say about human sexuality: Homosexual behavior is a choice. A person can choose to either participate in homosexual behavior or not to participate. The [Read More...]