The L Word

Officials at the Defense Department are also said to be "livid," and well aware of the damage that has been done by the incident, according to NBC News' Pentagon reporter Jim Miklaszewski. Speaking on the Imus in the Morning radio/MSNBC program Tuesday , Mr. Miklaszewski said he asked a Pentagon contact about the soldiers alleged [Read More...]

House of Horrors

Last April, American troops helped Iraqis topple a statue of Saddam Hussein in downtown Baghdad. That statue was only a symbol, but it was an important symbol. Its fall — an image broadcast around the world — signified the fall of Saddam's tyrannical reign. Other statues were soon torn down and American troops were busied [Read More...]


In an op-ed column in today's New York Times, David Brooks offers a preemptive defense of American resolve in the face of atrocities yet to be committed by Americans. Brooks argues that such atrocities will be a necessary and vital component of America winning the war in Iraq, which is also, he says, "the Battle [Read More...]

Happy Birthday Graham Greene

Missed these yesterday: Groucho Marx and Graham Greene share Gandhi's birthday, October 2. Ron suggested in comments back on Eliot's birthday that Graham Greene is another excellent candidate for "Torment the Mustard Seed." An excellent suggestion. The Power and the Glory, Greene's tale of a "whiskey priest" and the broken faith of a broken man, [Read More...]