When white supremacy is ‘conservative’ (and vice versa)


The problem, apparently, is that Russell Moore may be a staunch opponent of abortion and staunch defender of “traditional marriage,” but he clearly does not want to be a staunch defender of white supremacy. And that apparently makes a lot of white Southern Baptists very uncomfortable. To them, if Moore is not willing to defend white supremacy, then he isn’t really representative of Southern Baptists. [Read more...]

It can happen here: Trumpism, Franklin Graham, and respectable white evangelicalism

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The widespread popular support for Trump and Trumpism has been the subject of much consternation among white evangelical leaders dismayed to realize that much of that support is coming from their own white evangelical tribe. This, inexplicably, suprises them. It does not surprise me. Nothing that Donald Trump is saying on the campaign trail is substantially different from what Franklin Graham has been posting on Facebook for years now. [Read more...]

Two Corinthians and Three Isaiahs


“Third Isaiah” is, in fact, fightin’ words in many white evangelical churches and institutions — even though the reference is not at all controversial (we might even say “innocuous”) among most evangelical clergy. This, again, reflects the gulf between what I’ve sometimes called the evangelical “faculty lounge” and the general evangelical populace. Evangelical leaders know many things that they cannot speak of outside of the faculty lounge. [Read more...]

Two Corinthians, one cup (Donald Trump at Liberty University)

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Donald Trump’s clumsy proof-texting based on a half-understood concordance search showed his audience at Liberty University that he shares their hermeneutic. And his awkward failed attempts to pander to their subculture comforted Liberty students with memories of their beloved, awkwardly pandering youth ministers from church back home. [Read more...]

Wheaton’s official story collapses

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New reports clearly demonstrate he disingenuous pretense of the administration’s focus on “theological concerns” about Hawkins’ remarks. They recognized that her statement was theologically “innocuous,” yet sprung into action under the pretext that those innocuous words presented some grave theological concern. These reports also show that Wheaton’s white administrators treated a black woman very differently than they treated white male professors who said similar things. [Read more...]

Wheaton College moves closer to its goal of an all-white faculty


Dr. Larycia Hawkins, Dave Gushee, and J.R. Daniel Kirk all have a hard time believing Wheaton College’s weird theological pretext for firing a tenured professor. That’s probably because Wheaton College administrators are lying their lily-white behinds off in claiming that this nakedly political, racist power-play has anything at all to do with Christianity. [Read more...]

A Ted Cruz win could further Bartonize ‘mainstream’ white evangelicalism

Publisher Thomas Nelson withdrew David Barton's "The Jefferson Lies" due to its many inaccuracies. If Barton's patron, Ted Cruz, gets the GOP nomination, it could become required reading for white evangelicals.

If the Republican Party winds up rallying behind Ted Cruz, then the gatekeepers of white evangelicalism will fall in line. They’ll do so partly out of reflexive partisan loyalty, but partly out of financial necessity, because many of the same big donors who have contributed more than $38 million to David Barton’s pro-Cruz super-PAC are the same rich white guys who write big checks supporting mainstream white evangelical institutions. And that will be bad news for the evangelical critics of Barton and Bartonism. [Read more...]

Toddlers on a treadmill: Why evangelicals can’t even take baby steps toward justice

InterVarsity is retracting its support for #BlackLivesMatter. But IV is still selling these Martin Luther King Jr. T-shirts.

That doesn’t mean they’ll be allowed to say “Do justice.” But — provided the anti-gay and anti-abortion stuff remains in good order — they may be allowed to suggest that doing justice is one possible optional extra that some Christians might optionally be permitted to consider as a hobby, just so long as they get their homework done first and it doesn’t otherwise interfere with their support for TAOTS or their opposition to gay baby-killing. [Read more...]