Jim Wallis sounds an uncertain trumpet on marriage equality


When you don’t ask questions, you’re not leading. You’re following. When it comes to marriage equality, Jim Wallis still seems to be a follower. But at least now he’s following a better set of leaders. [Read more...]

Google and white Christians’ search for ‘persecution’


It might seem preposterous to you that Team Christian would try to pretend that Google’s honoring of a Christian hero constitutes some kind of horrific insult to Christianity, but I would remind you that nowhere in the rules of the Game does it say that Outrage points cannot be awarded for preposterous and imaginary reasons. [Read more...]

Well you’re high on top of your mountain of woe


The one thing white evangelicals had been sure of was that they were morally superior. Losing any given battle in the culture war was tolerable because they could, at least, reassure themselves that they had been fighting for goodness and truth and righteousness. But when it comes to discrimination against LGBT people, not only are they losing, but their defeat is celebrated as a triumph for goodness and truth and righteousness. They’re slowly beginning to realize that they are not the Good Guys in this story. [Read more...]

Don’t treat people as symbols for a tribal loyalty quiz


Worse than that, though, is what these tribal trustees are doing when it comes to LGBT people. They’re not treated as people at all — just as short-hand symbols who provide a convenient test. For the tribal gatekeepers, LGBT people do not matter as people. They do not even exist as people, but only as a useful gauge of any given defendant’s beliefs about the “authority of the Bible.” [Read more...]

19 clicks or less

Photo of a very fragile bubble via Wikipedia.

The Web contains a great deal of misinformation, legend, BS, spin, error and outright falsehood. But on the Web, no mistake is ever more than 19 clicks away from its correction, and no lie is ever more than 19 clicks away from the truth. [Read more...]

No one expects the Evangelical Inquisition! (part 1)


Here are some brief highlights of a few examples of the Inquisition at work at evangelical colleges and seminaries, where gatekeepers have pursued their ends with fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency and an almost fanatical devotion to inerrancy. In part 1, we’ll look at Shorter University, Emmanuel Christian Seminary, and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. [Read more...]

Tribal gatekeeper Owen Strachan wants a scalp, doubles-down on dickitude


Birds gotta sing. Fish gotta swim. And the tribal gatekeepers of white evangelicalism gotta be vindictive little jackwagons who try to get people fired. Owen Strachan won’t be satisfied until he turns every evangelical college into Cedarville University. [Read more...]

White evangelical gatekeeping: A particularly ugly example in real time

Owen Strachan: Tribalist.

Let’s look at a current example of white evangelical gatekeeping as it unfolds before us in real time. This one involves Christianity Today in its usual role as good cop, and one of Al Mohler’s henchmen in his gang’s usual role as bad cop. This is an ugly, ugly business. [Read more...]