A wise guy in the sky invites you to his guilty party

The perpetual catechizing by tribal gatekeepers; 2014 Pat Robertson denounces evil, socialist 2008 Pat Robertson; lots of free pizza in the pipeline for Fracksylvania; the twilight of the haters. [Read more...]

Inhospitality: Play-acting evangelism to reinforce the tribe


Evangelism is hospitality, and hospitality is always about the guest, not about me. This video is all about me — all about us, our tribe, our team. Trash-talking the other “tribe” is not a demonstration of hospitality. Pretty much the opposite, actually. [Read more...]

7 @ 9: The countdown’s getting lower ev’ry day

I would also like to see a debate between Al Mohler and this 9,550-year-old spruce tree.

Instead of Bill Nye, I would like to see a formal debate between young-Earth creationist Ken Ham and a 6.5-meter core sample taken from a peat bog in Switzerland. Aww yeah, Acts 10 & 11, baby. More Jerks for Jesus. One problem with trying to write while the tribal gatekeepers are looking over your shoulder. Frank Luntz agonistes. [Read more...]

Why ‘witnessing tools’ never work and why the acting is always bad in evangelism-training videos

This is not a thing that has ever happened. This is not a thing that will ever happen.

By assembling one single Very Bad evangelism-training video out of several less-bad videos, this editing confuses the point. It blurs the different kinds of badness to be found in the originals. That makes it more difficult to analyze or understand why those different original videos were bad in different ways. [Read more...]

Larry Pratt: Still dishonest and violent, and still an upstanding pillar of the white evangelical community


So obviously, that debate nearly 20 years ago was seen as controversial for Christian family radio. Because of Ron Sider. He’s a pacifist, urges rich people to give money to feed the hungry, and he once voted for McGovern. It was quite a bold move, then, for this radio station to ask a fine, upstanding pillar of the white evangelical community like Larry Pratt to agree to debate such a dangerous, fringe character. [Read more...]

‘Duck Dynasty’: White evangelicals rallying for racism


Instead of denouncing the hateful racist bullshit, white evangelicals rose to defend the celebrity’s right to spout hateful racist bullshit without being criticized. Instead of denouncing the hateful racist bullshit, white evangelicals rallied to defend the celebrity himself because any criticism of him is a criticism of their whole tribe. Instead of denouncing the hateful racist bullshit, white evangelicals rallied to defend the hateful racist bullshit. [Read more...]

‘Duck Dynasty’: November wines, December whines


In the December case, a cast member from the show sat down with a reporter and compared being gay to bestiality. And he also said black people were happier before the Civil Rights Movement, but have since become unhappy welfare-moochers with a sense of entitlement. In the November case, cast members from the show reached a business deal with a Napa Valley winery. White evangelicals seem confused about which of those is more offensive. [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll: If you’re gonna steal, steal better stuff


The charge that Mark Driscoll plagiarized a big chunk of Peter Jones’ “Pagan Lies, Gospel Truth: Can You Tell the Difference?” in his own latest book seems both well-substantiated and quite serious. But just as serious is this: The passage in question from Jones’ book is awful. It’s not worth reading, let alone plagiarizing. [Read more...]