More on that ‘controversial’ book that scares patriarchal Christians so much


Rachel Held Evans is a joy to read, quite apart from the role that has been thrust on her as one of the first prominent voices of post-subcultural evangelicalism. But that larger context — and the grace, wisdom and, yes, valor that she’s shown in that role — is pretty cool too. [Read more...]

Evangelicals have a Bryan Fischer problem


Bryan Fischer manages to cling to semi-respectability as a representative of the religious right and a member of the white evangelical tribe because he checks all the right boxes on the litmus-test questions. Sure, he’s a racist. But like Dinesh D’Souza, he channels most of that racism into support for the political aims he shares with more “mainstream” evangelicals. [Read more...]

In which I mercilessly criticize Ed Stetzer

To avoid causing him trouble with "the usual suspects," let's just pretend I have nothing at all nice to say about Ed Stetzer.

Ed Stetzer has some smart things to say about “making up your own set of facts.” But since I’m a liberal, my praising his comments might cause him further grief with the conspiratorial partisans he’s criticizing. So instead, let’s just pretend I said something really mean about him. [Read more...]

Why the white evangelical religious right can no longer presume to claim moral superiority


The religious right lost the argument and the moral high ground because the other side met them toe-to-toe: You want to argue about abortion on moral grounds? Great, let’s do that. We say your opposition to legal abortion is immoral, and here’s why. You want to argue about the morality of same-sex marriage? Fine. We say your opposition to marriage equality is immoral, and here’s why. [Read more...]

Hey, remember when evangelicals were pro-choice because of the Bible? What a difference 30 years makes


Jonathan Dudley: “Evangelicals would benefit from pausing to look back at their own history. In doing so, they might consider the possibility that they aren’t submitting to the dictates of a timeless biblical truth, but instead, to the goals of a well-organized political initiative only a little more than 30 years old.” [Read more...]

For evangelicals, racism isn’t a dealbreaker, but feminism is


If you think women today should have more freedom than they had 3,000 years ago, or if you fail to condemn LGBT people with sufficient relish, then your standing as a legitimate evangelical will be formally challenged and your books will be prohibited from sitting on the shelves at LifeWay alongside those of Afro-phobic colonialists like Dinesh D’Souza and slavery apologists like Douglas Wilson. [Read more...]

No, no, no — we were fine with D’Souza’s racism, but the adultery is upsetting


A “sex scandal may spell the end for Dinesh D’Souza’s once rising star” in the evangelical subculture, Grace writes. “Note, not the fact that he’s been peddling racist and colonialist lies to white Christians for fun and profit for the past forever, but because of what’s assumed about his marriage and sex life.” [Read more...]

Who’s afraid of Rachel Held Evans?


This is apparently a thing. Evangelical gatekeepers are terrified of Rachel Held Evans. Her next book, A Year of Biblical Womanhood, comes out later this month and already they’re panicking. [Read more...]