The religious liberty right to believe that algebra is an abortifacient


The student’s beliefs are factually wrong — demonstrably so. Her beliefs are based on poor exegesis, scientific ignorance, a haughty disdain for others, and a preference for fearful lies over objective truth. Yet they remain her beliefs. And thus, Rutherford says, she has a legal right to be foolishly, fearfully wrong. [Read more...]

If we pretend that progressive evangelicals are not REALLY evangelical, then all evangelicals must be conservatives, and therefore progressive evangelicals cannot really be evangelicals

"It’s hard to overstate the extent of the progressive failure here," David French writes of the 2012 elections, celebrating the triumph of Mitt Romney over "a multi-year leftist effort to move evangelical voters left."

David French — a proponent of the failing religious right agenda — offers his own creative take on the crushing disappointment he suffered Election Day, when his passionate multi-year devotion to Mitt Romney ended in tears. “It’s hard to overstate the extent of the progressive failure here,” French says of Election Day. [Read more...]

White evangelicals, Republicans and wanting to ‘take our country back’


White evangelicals are big fans of ethnic diversity — just so long as those diverse folks share all the exact same opinions, perspectives and priorities as those of the white evangelical establishment. White evangelicals love the optics of a diverse-looking crowd all pledging unquestioning allegiance to the pure white evangelical agenda in lockstep conformity. [Read more...]

White evangelicals: Three critiques and a clueless open letter

Michael L. Brown wants black Christians to know that God is merciful, and if they repent, God will forgive them for voting for a black president.

Chris Hayes says “the sense of persecution and siege that many white Christians feel down to their toes” is driving conservative policy in America. And Michael L. Brown illustrates what Hayes describes with an “Open Letter to Black Evangelicals” that has to be seen to be believed. [Read more...]

How evangelical tribal gatekeepers operate: ‘I want you to go after Campolo’


“I was given an assignment: write a booklet defending what we thought was the traditional view of biblical sexuality against the alternative view being promoted by supporters of the gay Christian community. One day, as I was in the middle of this assignment, my boss met me in the hall and handed me a manila folder. The tab read, ‘Campolo, Tony.’ My boss looked at me and said, ‘This is for the booklet. I want you to go after Campolo.’” [Read more...]

More on that ‘controversial’ book that scares patriarchal Christians so much


Rachel Held Evans is a joy to read, quite apart from the role that has been thrust on her as one of the first prominent voices of post-subcultural evangelicalism. But that larger context — and the grace, wisdom and, yes, valor that she’s shown in that role — is pretty cool too. [Read more...]

Evangelicals have a Bryan Fischer problem


Bryan Fischer manages to cling to semi-respectability as a representative of the religious right and a member of the white evangelical tribe because he checks all the right boxes on the litmus-test questions. Sure, he’s a racist. But like Dinesh D’Souza, he channels most of that racism into support for the political aims he shares with more “mainstream” evangelicals. [Read more...]

In which I mercilessly criticize Ed Stetzer

To avoid causing him trouble with "the usual suspects," let's just pretend I have nothing at all nice to say about Ed Stetzer.

Ed Stetzer has some smart things to say about “making up your own set of facts.” But since I’m a liberal, my praising his comments might cause him further grief with the conspiratorial partisans he’s criticizing. So instead, let’s just pretend I said something really mean about him. [Read more...]