Learn your tribal lingo: What it means to be branded ‘controversial’

Yes, they have gatekeepers in the UK too.

This branding usage to define tribal status is most clearly seen in the way the term is used in those boilerplate descriptors that summarize public figures. Steve Chalke is “a prominent but controversial British Christian leader.” Bill Gothard is “Basic Seminar speaker and home-schooling advocate.” [Read more...]

Tribal gatekeepers officially enshrine Phelpsian bigotry as ‘evangelical’ and ‘Too Christian’

The gospel according to Flip Benham -- and officially endorsed as "evangelical" by Christianity Today.

Bryan Fischer is a member in good standing of the white evangelical tribe. The tribal gatekeepers have rarely seen fit to criticize Fischer, let alone to pronounce his banishment. He can bear false witness day after day, saying the most horrible slurs about gay people, women, immigrants, black people, Latinos, feminists, scientists and college graduates, and yet he will never be “Farewell”-ed the way people like Rob Bell, Brian McLaren or even for goodness’ sake Rachel Held Evans have been. [Read more...]

My expectancies become my fantasies


I checked — Tim Challies’ “False Teachers” series is not actually a parody mocking the self-importance of self-appointed tribal gatekeepers. … Lots of new places to be legally shot at in Georgia. … Coprolites! … Charisma magazine is not big on understanding irony. … “No spacemen up above, and we’re still far from love …” [Read more...]

Five sentences that contain the entire history and explanation of white evangelicalism in America


Here is a single paragraph from Peter G. Heltzel’s “Jesus & Justice: Evangelicals, Race & American Politics.” These five sentences describe a single tantalizing fork in the road, and a wrong turn taken. Understand and absorb these five sentences and you can understand the entire history of white evangelicalism in America over the past 50 years. [Read more...]

12 reasons I still call myself an ‘evangelical’


After the FlusterCluck and the ClusterDuck, and after the latest Proud Ugly Sneerfest in which white evangelicals defined their faith by cancelling their sponsorship of 10,000 poor children, it’s reasonable to ask why anyone would still want to be identified by that term “evangelical.” That question is particularly pressing for someone like me. I’m pretty much constantly being told I’m not “allowed” to call myself that. So why keep fighting that? Here are 12 reasons why I still want to call myself an evangelical. [Read more...]

Religious gatekeepers would not like Philip the evangelist

A dangerous man.

Somehow, though, the Apostle Paul didn’t rebuke Philip and his daughters for violating all those clobber texts that insist that women must keep silent in the church. Instead, while enjoying his time there in Philip’s house, Paul himself seems to have cheerfully and enthusiastically ignored all those clobber texts. That’s kind of interesting, considering that Paul himself supposedly wrote them. I guess that just goes to show what a bad influence Philip could be, and why it’s dangerous to allow people like him to remain in the church. [Read more...]

You’re dealing with all of us


This, I think, conveys one part of what I was getting at in this post yesterday and this one this morning. Don’t mess with our family. [Read more...]

What do the bullies for Christ hope to gain?


The bullies had to prove that they could control World Vision, because controlling World Vision helps them pretend that they can control the Bible. It’s just like why they’re compelled to control women. Controlling women is another way of pretending that they can control the Bible. And as long as they can pretend that they can control the Bible, they can pretend that they control God. [Read more...]