Avoiding the always-disastrous last resort of war

Juan Cole shares a guest post from Thomas J. Buonomo that I want to recommend as smart, wise and good. Buonomo suggests a promising alternative approach to the current situation between the United States and Iran. And, more broadly, Buonomo demonstrates the kind of creativity and wisdom that ought to inform our thinking in general [Read More...]

Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan and Dr. Seuss


Kevin Drum discusses the matter of Ron Paul in an exchange with Daniel Larison. The back-and-forth began with Drum’s post “Crackpots Do Not Make Good Messengers,” which I’m going to quote at length because his whole point is that this list of complaints is not short: Ron Paul is not a charming oddball with a [Read More...]

Just, juster, justest

Many readers disagreed with this earlier post in which I argued that the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound, and the use of lethal force against the al-Qaida leader, was justified by the principles of just war and supported by U.N. resolutions and international law. The general sense of this disagreement — correct me if [Read More...]

Moral men and immoral society and the death of bin Laden

“Killing Osama bin Laden Is Legal,” Matthew Yglesias notes: … What went down is fine in both international and domestic law. … The use of military force is plainly authorized by U.N. Security Council Resolution 1368 …  and this has all been reaffirmed since bin Laden’s death by the Security Council and the secretary-general of [Read More...]


Amanda Marcotte describes what the past 24 hours have felt like for me, too: Relief, elation, concern about the future, urge to make dark jokes, rush of memories of 9/11, glee, concern about myself for being so bloodthirsty, telling myself that it doesn’t count when the person killed was such a horrible piece of s—, [Read More...]

Libya: More questions than answers

On the question of international intervention in Libya I’m afraid I can’t offer any deep insights or unique wisdom. I have read numerous arguments expressing support or reluctance about this engagement and, unfortunately, I have found both sets of arguments compelling. I’ll list some of those in a bit, but first let me try to [Read More...]