Down at the little church they all wear hats


Brewer comes through in Arizona. Texas can’t find a “legitimate governmental purpose” for it’s same-sex marriage ban either. Pizza and high-school geometry. Blue collar temp work is really dangerous. Another terrible evangelistic video. Some revealing stories about who we view as “dangerous.” [Read more...]

I wave to the people but the wind just blows ‘em down


A five-day work week? That’s a union thing — and unions are evil doncha know. “Jesus wants you heavily armed.” Houston church desperately fighting to get on the wrong side of the gospel. (You thought I was gonna say “wrong side of history”? That too.) After they finished writing the Constitution, the Founding Fathers had a drink or two. “This is a problem.” [Read more...]

It’s the low wages, stupid


Such companies thus have three options. Two of those involve improving employee compensation. The other one involves screwing over their workers. Which option do you suppose they choose? [Read more...]

Unemployment is ‘evil,’ the ‘opposite of just’ and ‘a real social disaster’


“The opposite of a just and right situation in this field is unemployment, that is to say the lack of work for those who are capable of it. It can be a question of general unemployment or of unemployment in certain sectors of work. The role of the agents included under the title of indirect employer is to act against unemployment, which in all cases is an evil, and which, when it reaches a certain level, can become a real social disaster.” [Read more...]

Nov. 14: FDR is still, unfortunately, relevant

“Enforced idleness, embracing any considerable portion of our people, in a nation of such wealth and natural opportunity, is a paradox that challenges our ingenuity. Unemployment is one of the bitter and galling problems that now afflicts man-kind. It has been with us, in a measure, since the beginning of our industrial era. It has been increased by the complexity of business and industry, and it has been made more acute by the depression. It has made necessary the expenditure of billions of dollars for relief and for publicly created work; it has delayed the balancing of our national budget, and increased the tax burden of all our people. …” [Read more...]

Collection plates, the economy and the 99 percent


The Dow Jones index has come roaring back to record highs after the Great Recession. Church-giving has not rebounded because employment and wages have not rebounded. Church-giving corresponds with the fortunes of the 99 percent, not with the fortunes of the 1 percent. [Read more...]

Scenes from the class war


Even Capuchin monkeys demand equal pay for equal work (and Capuchins, remember, have taken a vow of poverty). Plus other links involving the ongoing war on the poor, including: Fast food workers who can’t afford fast food, care workers pay shows what we really think of the elderly, banks still stealing houses with a shrug — and no legal repercussions, unknown ingredients, chemical accidents and what we don’t know because of who isn’t allowed in the room. [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things (8.14)

Richard Rohr explains his hermeneutic, which is about Jesus, not literalism; Kiese Laymon on “The Worst of White Folks;” Helaine Olen on the victim-blaming “tyranny of personal finance;” Erik Loomis on outsourcing slave-wages and poison; and Cheryl Overs on how dehumanizing sex workers dehumanizes us all. [Read more...]