Scenes from the class war


"The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) just released a ranking of developed countries by the percent of children who live in poverty, and the U.S. clocks in at number 34 out of 35, only beating out Romania.""Welcome back to the 19th Century, my friends.""And when they start bringing back the child chimneysweeps -- and wouldn't that make just the most adorable must-have conversation piece for the plutocrat who has everything? -- please kill me quickly.""Average income rose just $ … [Read more...]

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act tests the integrity of the pro-life movement


"The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act would ensure that all pregnant workers can get minor workplace adjustments they need to continue working during pregnancy."This is not a rare problem for women who cannot afford to lose their income. The National Women's Law Center has compiled a six-page list (.pdf) of real cases involving real women all over the U.S.Jill Filipovic has a sampling of those cases here. Go read them.These women are being confronted with an awful set of choices: Lose … [Read more...]

Scenes from the class war


"The unemployment rate is still at a level which should cause politicians to panic. No one is panicking.""If the minimum wage had risen in step with productivity growth [since 1968], it would be over $16.50 an hour today. That is higher than the hourly wages earned by 40 percent of men and half of women.""More than half of the people who became unemployed during the recession found a new job within six weeks, but a majority of them found jobs that paid less than the one they … [Read more...]

To truly be ‘pro-family,’ you have to be pro-worker


Kathleen Geier asks "Why have family-friendly work policies fallen off the national agenda?"A big part of the answer is that the category of "family-friendly" has been replaced by the category of "pro-family," which is, in turn, a euphemism for anti-feminist and anti-gay.And since family-friendly work policies would increase the options, choices, freedom and quality of life for women, they tend to be opposed by pro-family groups.Those "pro-family" groups -- and the religious leaders … [Read more...]

Why ‘pro-life’ Christians should support Title IX


Becka Wall of the National Women's Law Center offers a look at Title IX -- the law best known for expanding opportunities for women and girls in athletics.But as Wall says: "What many people don’t know is that the benefits and protections of Title IX aren’t limited to athletics."Wall lists four less-known ways that Title IX benefits women and girls, including that it also requires equal opportunities for girls and women in career and technical education programs, it offers legal pro … [Read more...]

Scenes from the class war


"Power is, as you might suspect, on the side of Power. Which is to say, Power never pleads guilty.""The statistical association between a representative’s personal wealth and their opposition to the estate tax remained even when factors such as age, party affiliation, their constituents’ opinions and anti-tax views were accounted for.""'I donate to charity mostly for the tax breaks and I'•m going to donate less now that the deal looks worse for me' is probably near the top of the list of … [Read more...]

Are job-seeker open threads worth reviving?


I ran "job-seeker open threads" regularly for several months as a quixotic, try-anything response to our ongoing jobs crisis.My thinking was that even the longest of long-shots was worth a try, so why not offer the comment section of this blog as a networking forum for those looking for work? There was a slim chance that someone might post, "I'm a research librarian looking for a job in Dubuque" and someone might respond "My cousin is a head librarian in Dubuque and she's looking for help, … [Read more...]

16 Tons and bricks without straw: Christianity Today wants to bring back the company town

An armed guard patrols a mining company town in Alabama in the early 20th century, making sure no miners try to escape into the free economy to purchase contraception.

Christianity Today is required by law to provide every member of its staff access to booze and porn.Most of us don't think of it that way. We would just say that Christianity Today is required by law to pay its workers for the work that they do. The wages paid to their workers then belong to those workers, and since that money no longer belongs to Christianity Today, it has no say in how those wages are spent. The compensation has changed hands. It no longer belongs to the employer, but to … [Read more...]