Never side with the boss against the people who handle your food

"I don't mind a parasite. I object to a cut-rate one."

"Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day" was a nasty display of tribal solidarity against outsiders -- Eat More Chicken to show your support for the religious freedom of hating gay people. It was a weird, but briefly profitable, stunt for the chicken chain.But the half-hearted attempt to create "I Stand With Papa John's Day" presents a whole new level of hazard.It's one thing to ask someone to prepare you a chicken sandwich as an expression of your dislike for gay civil rights. It's something else … [Read more...]

Brian Moritz on the death of newspapers


At Scholars & Rogues, Brian Moritz shares his story of "Why I left newspapers."Moritz used to be a beat reporter. I used to be a print and online copyeditor. At this point that's about like saying he used to be a blacksmith and I used to be an elevator operator.At one point we both loved those jobs, and then, gradually, they became a lot harder to love. "It stopped being fun," Moritz says. And that was, in large part, because they stopped being something it was still possible to do … [Read more...]

‘Pro-life’ groups still silent on protecting pregnant workers

A few weeks ago we looked at the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (HR 5647), a promising and necessary piece of legislation currently stalled in Congress.You can download a fact sheet on the bill from the National Women's Law Center, which explains that the PWFA would "let pregnant women continue to do their jobs and support their families by requiring employers to make the same sorts of accommodations for pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions that they do for … [Read more...]

Why aren’t ‘pro-life’ groups backing legal protection for pregnant women?

Sheila Bapat describes the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act: Amber Reeves, a pregnant truck driver … was fired after requesting accommodations in her work duties. Reeves was instructed by her obstetrician not to lift more than 20 pounds, and her job required her to lift up to 75 pounds. She couldn’t perform her regular duties, so her employer terminated her. Her employer only made modifications like this for people who are injured on the job.Unglamorous and unprotected by the law, pregnant wom … [Read more...]

The poor and the needy are selfish and greedy …


"Companies steal close to 10 billion dollars annually in unpaid overtime.""It takes an emotional toll, it takes a mental toll, it takes a physical toll.""College students are facing a roughly $20 billion increase in the cost of their federal loans.""When you hear a politician promising to exempt the retired and near retired from changes to Social Security, while offering to make it more 'secure' for future generations, you now know the game plan.""People are talking about Niagara … [Read more...]

Smart people saying smart things

Linda J. Bilmes and Shelby Chodos: "Want to stimulate the economy? Let’s hand cash directly to the states" A state-directed recovery initiative would be the quickest, easiest way to reduce unemployment and get the economy moving again. Congress would simply distribute money to the states, based on population and with no strings attached. Each state could use these funds however it chooses, whether by cutting taxes on small business and families, or by investing in education or infrastructure. . … [Read more...]

One Step Up and Two Steps Back

One step up ...Mary Beth Quirk: "California Goes Gangbusters Against Abusive Lending, Passes Sweeping Foreclosure-Protection Law" Hey, rest of the country that isn't California! This is how you do it: California legislators went ahead and approved a sweeping bill on Monday that is basically a homeowner bill of rights, including ending abusive practices by mortgage lenders while at the same time helping homeowners evade the abyss of foreclosure. California ain't kidding around.While … [Read more...]

Jury Duty Job Fairs: An unworkable idea to help people find work

Here are three things I noticed during my day of jury duty last week:1. It's a hassle to have to skip two days of work to spend that time instead sitting around in a courthouse. For some people, it means losing two days of hourly pay. For others, it means falling behind at work and needing to work harder to catch up when they get back.2. Much of jury duty consists of sitting around for hours waiting to be called on (or not called on). The day I served, 120 of us sat in limbo from 9 a.m. … [Read more...]