[Daily Advent Reflection] Setting our Course Toward Bethlehem.

Setting our Course Toward Bethlehem. Daily Advent Reflection. Kyle Mobley. Romans 13:11-14. Friday, December 23, 2011. It might not be The prettiest thing that you'll ever see But it's a new day, oh baby it's a new day And it might not look like A beautiful sunrise But it's a new day, oh baby, it's a new day. -- Robbie Seay Band, "New Day" Listen: [ YouTube ] These daily Slow Church Advent Reflections are based on the Daily Readings of the Revised Common Lectionary (Year B). We love for you to read and reflect along with us! To keep up with this daily Advent … [Read more...]

God’s Patience, The City and THE WIRE.

In my initial post on this blog, I noted that our vision of Slow Church was rooted in the slowness of God's work in the world.  One facet of that slowness, as I described in that post is God's choice to redeem the world by gathering a people.  Another facet is God's patience with the depths and complexities of human rebellion.  From Cain's founding of the first city (Gen. 4: 9-17) onward, the city has been an image of brokenness, human rebellion against God.  Jacques Ellul, in The Meaning of the City (a superb work for beginning to reflect on urban theology), observes: [The builders of Babel] … [Read more...]