The Cross and the AK-47?

Debates about gun control are raging in the wake of yet another mass shooting.  The issues surrounding these recent shootings are complex, mental illness, a culture shaped by recreational violence and yes, of  course, access to guns. I don't really want to debate gun control right now; in fact, I'm not opposed to all guns.  What I am opposed to, however, is the fear that drives people to own (and defend the ownership of) guns that are intended for nothing other than the taking of human life.  And this fear is a theological issue that must be addressed among Christians... I'm laying down a cha … [Read more...]

[Daily Advent Reflection] The Politics of Elijah

The Politics of Elijah. Daily Advent Reflection. Chris Smith. I Kings 18:1-18. Monday, December 12, 2011 The child is born in the fullness of time Three wise astrologers take note of the signs Come to pay their respects to the fragile little king Get pretty close to wrecking everything 'Cause the governing body of the holy land Is that of Herod, a paranoid man Who when he hears there's a baby born King of the Jews Sends death squads to kill all male children under two But that same bright angel warns the parents in a dream And they head out for the border and get away … [Read more...]

[Daily Advent Reflection] Fear Not!

Fear Not! Slow Church Daily Advent Reflection. Chris Smith. Micah 4:1-5 Monday November 28, 2011What are you running from, my love? What’s this thing you're guilty of? Follow me and never feel accusedBut you never do believe a word I say And you never did believe there'd be day of reckoningSo you run and you run and you run and you never stop And you work and you work until you drop You're in over your head and the pressure just don't quit But you can't escape the reach of love-- The Call, “You Run” - Listen:  [ Youtube ] These daily Slow Church Advent Reflections ar … [Read more...]