Slow Church: Embodying Justice, Peace and Love [Video]

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to do a brief talk (between broadcast sessions) at The Justice Conference Indianapolis. I gave a short description of Slow Church that focused on our call to embody justice, peace and love in our local congregations. I also read part of one of my favorite poems by Wendell Berry and highlighted four themes in it that are essential to Slow Church: 1) Stability / Rootedness 2) Listening to our neighbors and the land in our place 3) Imagining flourishing futures for church and neighborhood 4) Working  with and for others, so that they can do these same … [Read more...]

[Daily Advent Reflection] The Whoring Bride of Christ.

The Whoring Bride of Christ. Daily Advent Reflection. Chris Smith. Hosea 6:1-6 Thursday December 1, 2011We ride our bikes around the circle in the cemetery, Weaving. I wave up to You on the Cross. Am I to come upon You suddenly Like this forever? Happy, relieved that You are here and I can see You, I can feel You? --- You are like the ticket-half I find inside the pocket of my old leaf-raking coat. There all the time, all the while, forgotten. I so often seem to leave You in churches and other islands. And on my beads where I can see You, I can feel … [Read more...]