Inhabit Conference

One of the key convictions of Slow Church is that God's plan for reconciling all creation involves not only gathering a people, but gathering people in particular places that span the globe. The language of Englewood Christian Church's covenant (where Chris is a member) puts it this way: the church community is "a manifestation of the Body of Christ in a particular place."Happily, there is a vibrant conversation happening in the church now about the importance of placedness. Christianity Today's This Is Our City project is one example. So is Jonathan Wilson-Hargrove's essential book, The Wi … [Read more...]

Wendell Berry on the Necessity of Limits.

I'm settling in with friends old and new at the Convent in Cincinnati for a writers' retreat this week.  I'm hoping to make some much-needed progress on the chapters of the Slow Church book that I'm writing.I have taken the opportunity this weekend before and on my way to the retreat to read some of what Wendell Berry has said about the necessity of limits.  I've been meaning to do so for awhile, but this weekend I stumbled upon this fabulous essay that Berry wrote in 2008 for Harpers Magazine -- Faustian Economics: Hell Hath No Limits.  This is a short essay and well worth re … [Read more...]

[Daily Advent Reflection] Incarnating Christ in our Places.

Incarnating Christ in Our Places. Daily Advent Reflection. Chris Smith. Micah 5:1-5a Wednesday November 30, 2011Because we have not made our lives to fit Our places, the forests are ruined, the fields eroded, The streams polluted, the mountains overturned. Hope Then to belong to your place by your own knowledge Of what it is that no other place is, and by Your caring for it as you care for no other place, this Place that you belong to though it is not yours, For it was from the beginning and will be to the end -Wendell Berry, from “Sabbath Poems 2007, VI.” [ Read the ful … [Read more...]