The Depository

You have to understand.

I’m a music and movie buff. I was raised in the 80’s, sported baggy pants in the 90’s, and hit full swagger by the 2000’s. I usually dominate movie trivia games. It’s not surprising. My first real job was at Hollywood Video when it was cool to do so. Tux, red bow tie, 3 free videos per night for employees… Totally…

Music too. I sport my parents music, from oldies to disco to classic rock, incorporated my cherished 80’s and 90’s collection, and carried the torch into the new millennium with pop, punk, and everything in between (yes, I like some country and admit a soft spot for love songs). My son Brian is starting to follow in my footsteps, enjoying a wide variety of music that I would imagine is uncommon to most 2nd graders. We like it loud in the mornings to “wake us up” as well as on the way to hockey “to pump us up”. It’s an animated home.

With all that said, I am happy to announce a new feature on Soapbox Redemption: “The Depository”

Music and movies, funny and moving…

The rules are … they’re aint no rules! (Grease, 1978)

I of course have to start with a song that’s been in my head (and house) lately.

My daughter Natasha has this song practically memorized. I thought I would play the clip from the actual source, Disney’s Frozen, which is available here, but I found one that is much more hilarious (and has gone viral).

YouTube Preview Image

I would imagine the popularity of the video having something to do with the parents appearing to have more fun than the child in the backseat. Maybe the enviable lip syncing skill of the matrimonial performers? Possibly the addictive nature of the song? Perhaps it’s a combination of factors?

And so we commence “The Depository” with deep philosophical, yet toe-tapping theme.

Love is An Open Door.

Image credit: ET Movie via Wikipedia

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