Andrew Murtagh is an entrepreneur, engineer, and author with an interest in philosophy, theology, science, and culture, and how these areas intersect.His background is in biomedical engineering and he works in medical device sales.

In his spare time, which there never seems to be enough of lately, he studies philosophy independently and his areas of interest include philosophy of religion, philosophy of science, and philosophy of mind.

He loves hockey and coffee and is sometimes testy when either is lacking. He’s played and coached hockey for most of his life, most recently skating around much older, out of shape men, (he’ll take what he can get) and coaching his son’s Mite team.

As you can see by the picture, Andrew is clearly blessed and out of his league with his beautiful wife Naomi. Naomi dramatically underestimated what she got into when she married Andrew as he frequently sets the alarm at 5am to play hockey with other grown men (why would one do such a thing?) not to mention he finds arguing as friendly, fun and productive (as long as it’s done with a smile). Andrew never thought he’d eat organic food or frequent farmers markets, but considers this further evidence that Naomi is truly his better half. They said the vows in 2004 and have been working on happily-ever-after ever since.

Andrew and Naomi have three beautiful children, Brian, Natasha, and Elise, and two dogs, Hallie and Leia, though Leia (on left) is deathly afraid of toasters (seriously).

His book, Proof of Divine, was released in 2013.