Confessing My Fear of Trayvon Martin

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s murder.  It doesn’t seem that long ago and that is partly because it took months for the media to actually catch on to the story and call attention to the atrocity it was.  In remembering Trayvon Martin’s death as I move through Lent, this season of confession and penance, I have to admit that I am a part of the reality that resulted in the murder of an innocent teen.  I say this because as I think this week about what addictions are h … [Read more...]

Confession Before Thanksgiving

It's two days before Thanksgiving and already many are gathering lists of the blessings of life.  Thanksgiving is a good thing, but far too often we give thanks without questioning whether some of our blessings were brought to us through the misery of others.  How did we get our wealth or our material goods?  Who made our phones and our computers and our clothes?  What sins have we committed or were committed on our behalf in order to get what we now give thanks for?  The Thanksgiving meal itse … [Read more...]

A Prayer for Mealtimes

Fast from all food or caloric drinks until 5 PMDuring your fast, perhaps at the time you would normally eat a meal, write a prayer for your mealtimes.  Try to incorporate thanksgiving for all of the aspects of the meal--the creation, the laborers who brought the meal from the land, those who prepared the food.  Also, think about the aspects of the meal that may not be pleasing to God--the animals that may have been abused, the land that might have been destroyed, the farm workers who may h … [Read more...]

Bring to Light

What darkness have you felt in yourself?  Bring it to light, first in prayer to God and then to a brother or sister in Christ. … [Read more...]

Make Manifest

Martin Luther recommended "sinning boldly". This was not meant to be a license for doing whatever one wanted and relying on the grace of God, but rather an indication of how dangerous secret sins can be. Make your sins manifest by sharing them with someone else; dilute their power by bringing them into the discernment of a community. Call it confession, if you like."Confession without Shame" Jonathan Wilson-Hartgove … [Read more...]

Prepare for Confession

Often we are unable to confess because we haven't spent enough time thinking about what sin is and how we commit it. Reflect on what sin is and then create a list of sins common in your life. When you go to confess your sins to a priest or fellow Christian, use this list to help you prepare. _____________________________________"Self-Examination Before Confession" by Saint Nicolas Varzhansky … [Read more...]


Sit down and think through your sins.What are the things you do that prevent you from seeing God?What is it that keeps you from love of others, love of God, even love of yourself?Spend 15 minutes reflecting on this and make a list with thorough descriptions.Then meet with your pastor or just a brother or sister in Christ and confess your sins.Feel the relief of releasing yourself from your sins. Feel the forgiveness of Christ upon you. … [Read more...]