Post-Debate Fast: Keeping Our Mouth Shut

The Exercise:Refuse to use the following words: Democrat, Republican, conservative, liberal, left, right, idiot, stupid, etc. (you can probably add some of your own).The Why:Already Facebook and Twitter, water coolers and drive time radio are buzzing about the Vice Presidential debate.  Unfortunately, the reactions are mostly predictable and lend themselves to further polarization and easy ideologies.  Christians have a better way, a way that calls us to truth, but truth that only m … [Read more...]

Friday Fast

Eat no food and drink nothing with calories until 5 PM.  During your meal times read and mediate on "The Beatitudes." … [Read more...]

Friday Fast

Eat no food or drink until sun down.Wendell Berry once wrote that:"There are no unsacred places;there are only sacred placesand desecrated places."The same could be said of food.  In fasting we stop eating to open space in our lives to once again find the sacredness of food and embrace the goodness of God.  It is a way of rest for the body, a kind of Sabbath.  Today think about the sacredness of the food you will eat to break the fast and plan your meal so that it is truly sa … [Read more...]

Friday Fast

Fast from all food and caloric drinks until 5 PM.  Pay attention to your hungers--what non-food cravings do you have?  These are likely areas that need your attention. … [Read more...]

How to Fast: Five Tips

Friday is a traditional fast day in Christianity because it is on this day that we mourn both the failure and triumph of love.  In the crucifiction we mourn the failure of love in that humanity refused to accept the love that Christ came to offer and yet on the cross we also see love's triumph because Christ pursued love even to the point of a horrific death.Fasting was once a more common part of life, sometimes because there simply wasn't enough food to eat, but in an age of abundance … [Read more...]

Facebook Fast

For a large number of people in our society, social networks of one kind or another are becoming dominant forms of media in our lives.  This is not all bad and there is much to be said for Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.  But these networks also have their downsides and dangers, and sometimes we need to step back.  Today, use no social networks.  Don't open Twitter, Facebook, or any other social network.  Instead, write a hand written note to a friend or call someone with whom you' … [Read more...]

Noise Fast

So much of our life is filled with noise from the radio to our televisions.  Today try to spend as much time as possible in silence.  Use ear plugs of noise cancelling headphones if you need to.  Do as much you can to give your mind and ears a rest from noise.  What do you hear in the silence? … [Read more...]

Friday Fast: Creating an Opening

Fast from all food and caloric drinks until 5 PMAs you fast, center your attention on using the emptiness of your mealtimes as an opening for God.  If we always fulfill our cravings there is no opportunity for something new to come in.  Today, as you resist those cravings ask God to show you what new things might fulfill the hungers of your life. … [Read more...]