Friday Fast

Fast from all food and caloric drinks until 5 PM … [Read more...]

Friday Fast

Fast from all food until 5 PM.What do you eat when food isn't an option? … [Read more...]

Bake Bread

Fast from all food or caloric drinks.During your fast make a no-knead bread, starting in the morning, letting it rise throughout the day, and then breaking the fast with one slice of bread in the evening.  Eat only one slice and give the rest away. … [Read more...]


Fast from all food or caloric drinks from sunrise to sunset. … [Read more...]

News Fast

Fast from all news, especially "news" that is more gossip than relevant knowledge of events.  This means that time on social networks should also be limited--Facebook and Twitter are feeds of certain kinds of news.  Focus on the people and events you witness around you and seek to see how the Good News of the gospel is made present there. … [Read more...]

Friday Fast

With the Feast of the Ascension behind us, we now return to fasting on Friday following the tradition of the church.  Eat and drink nothing with calories in it until 5 PM.  Focus your attention on the other forms of sustenance you find in the day--conversations with friends, a quick prayer, a reading.  What sustains you beyond food?  What are the specific ways you live on more than bread alone? … [Read more...]

Speak Only When Necessary

Be polite, talk when you have to, but as much as possible, remain in silence until 5 pm. Let the resurrection leave you speechless. … [Read more...]

Take Up Your Cross

Fast from all food and caloric drinks.Attend a journey through the Stations of the Cross with your church (these are often at noon).If you are unable to attend use an online version. … [Read more...]