No food or caloric drinks until 5 PM … [Read more...]


When everything freezes and nothing works on a computer sometimes it is time to reset the machine. Fasting is a time to reset not only the body, but the soul. Meditate on this as you fast, particularly at would-be meal times. Fast from all caloric food or drinks until 5 PM. … [Read more...]


No food or caloric drinks until 5 PMSpend the time you would eating reading scripture or a soul feeding book … [Read more...]


We are humus and to humus we will returnGo to a service and receive the imposition of AshesFast from all food or drink except for water until darkBe especially aware of your frailties, limits, weaknesses and need for God … [Read more...]

A Sabbath for the Body

Fast from all food or caloric drinks until 5 PMCreate a prayer meal or snack to use whenever you begin to feel hungryWrite down a prayer, a passage of scripture, or use a phrase like "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want."Use your time of fasting as a time to relax into God's care--learn to see fasting as a kind of bodily Sabbath … [Read more...]


Fast from all food and caloric drinks until 5 PMPay special attention to your thoughts. When sinful thoughts begin to enter your mind find a simple prayer or passage of scripture with which to replace them such as "Lord Jesus Christ, Have Mercy" or "The Lord is My Shepherd." _____________________________________Free ebook: Freedom from Sinful Thoughts by J. Heinrich Arnold … [Read more...]

News Fast

Fast from all news for the next three daysAvoid places where you might see news--Facebook, email, politically oriented blogs, etc.Spend the time you would spend reading, watching or listening to the current events news reading the Good News as recorded in the gospels. … [Read more...]


Fast from all food or caloric drinks until 5 PMWhile fasting we are building our ability to wait. Rather than eating the first thing that comes in front of us while we are hungry, we learn to wait until we have what truly satisfies.Consider what it is you're waiting for spiritually and what promises you a quick fix that you must resist while waiting. … [Read more...]