Take the Long Way

We have short cuts on our computer desktops, we take them in our work and in our life.  Shortcuts are the stuff of modern accelerated life, but it is the long way, the scenic route where we discover others and ourselves, where we are open enough to welcome serendipities. Today take the long way as [Read More...]

Put to Death

On Fridays we remember the death of Christ.  In this death Christ set an example of the extreme to which we should all pursue love–that love is impossible if we do not die to ourselves.  Many of us take this in a literal sense and can easily nod our heads, yes, we would die for [Read More...]

Wash Feet

It was on Thursday that Jesus washed his disciples’ feet so it seems appropriate that we wash feet on this day as well.  Find someone, it could be a friend or a spouse or a willing stranger, and wash their feet.  It is a deeply humble experience, but that is exactly the point. [Read more...]

Your Weakness

What are your weaknesses, your sins, your inclinations that always seem to get you in trouble?  Write them down and pray through each one, asking God to be your strength in each of your weaknesses.  Surrender, consciously, each of these areas of your life to God and ask Christ to live through you, replacing your [Read More...]

Feast of Saint Clare

St. Clare

Meditating on the lives of the saints is a way to get a better vision of what it looks like to live out the way of Christ.  Today, as we celebrate the Feast of Saint Clare, we have a particularly rich life upon which to meditate.  Clare was a close friend and collaborator with St. [Read More...]

Dress Simply

Dress simply. Try to blend in; avoid being obvious in any way. Be unremarkable. [Read more...]

Take Up Your Cross

Fast from all food and caloric drinks. Attend a journey through the Stations of the Cross with your church (these are often at noon). If you are unable to attend use an online version. [Read more...]


Resist manipulating how people see you. Do not try to impress anyone with your style, intelligence, creativity, wit. Interact with everyone simply. Be present and other focused. When you feel that you have tried to manipulate how someone sees you, write it down. At the end of the day reflect on each of these instances [Read More...]


Sit down and think through your sins. What are the things you do that prevent you from seeing God? What is it that keeps you from love of others, love of God, even love of yourself? Spend 15 minutes reflecting on this and make a list with thorough descriptions. Then meet with your pastor or [Read More...]

What God Has Given

Look for and recognize the gifts God has given to others Marvel in them Celebrate them Be humble in your own gifts and center your praise to God on the gifts of the people you have had the fortune to call friends, brothers, and sisters in Christ. Write a note to someone whose gifts you [Read More...]